Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea: Give the Write Gift for 2008 Job Seekers

Wilmington, DE, December 21, 2007 --( Do you know someone who needs help with their writing, or plans to look for a new or better job in the New Year? WhiteSmoke, the world's leading English writing enhancement software (, could be the right choice for a practical last-minute holiday gift.

Unlike ordinary grammar and spell checkers, WhiteSmoke 2008 checks spelling in context -- such as write and right -- as well as grammar and punctuation. What's more, this personal technology gift offers an active thesaurus that automatically suggests alternative and additional words for the user, based on its analysis of millions of pages of real business documents. There is also a dictionary which pops up at the click of the mouse to save time looking up unfamiliar words, and over 600 resume and letter templates for just about any business situation.

Punctuation errors and missing words account for around 60% of all business writing errors according to a WhiteSmoke survey of 5,000 pages of business documents. "Young careerists often have difficulty tailoring letters and e-mails to their specific audience, often using prose that is too informal and influenced by IM and social network chat. WhiteSmoke can help them tidy up their writing in the workplace," says Liran Brenner, WhiteSmoke's VP of Research and Development.

College, high school and international students report excellent results from using WhiteSmoke to improve English writing skills. Considering the amount of time young people spend on the Internet, WhiteSmoke offers an inconspicuous way to inject a small amount of English writing education into their virtual world.

WhiteSmoke starts at $79.95 for the General Writing Version. For further information, or to order a download or boxed version of WhiteSmoke, visit:

About WhiteSmoke
WhiteSmoke Inc. provides world-leading solutions in the field of English grammar and writing. WhiteSmoke English writing software provides online English text editing, correction and enrichment, using innovative patented technologies. These technologies are the product of years of research into natural language processing and artificial intelligence, tapping into the complexities of human language.

In 2002, former ICQ computer engineers took the challenge to create the next breakthrough in online English text enhancement. From humble beginnings in a modest apartment with a small investment but an abundance of enthusiasm, WhiteSmoke is now a 30-plus-employee operation of international scope, and it continues to grow monthly. The WhiteSmoke staff is comprised of professional computer analysts and programmers who work closely with highly trained linguists and writing specialists with a background in NLP.

David Brown