Revolutionary Plumbing Product Creates New Industry Standard - PermaFLOW is the World’s First Self Cleaning 'Green' Drain System (P-Trap Replacement)

PermaFLOW creates flow turbulence, minimizes deposition, breaks and propels debris and cleans itself thereby not allowing the sinks to get clogged. PermaFLOW is equipped with EZClean feature that helps clean the potential clog build-up easily without the hassles of using plumbing snakes, plungers, opening P-Trap and/or the use of harmful drain cleaning chemicals.

Houston, TX, December 21, 2007 --( PermaFLOW™ - A combination eco-friendly p-trap replacement and innovative Drain Management System launched.

PF WaterWorks, a Houston based consumer products company, has launched its revolutionary plumbing product PermaFLOW™ - the first ever eco-friendly p-trap replacement and drain management system.

Sanjay Ahuja, Vice President of PF WaterWorks, said, “PermaFLOW™ is a premium product with highly innovative features that not only replace the traditional p-trap, but provide continuous pro-active maintenance for the drainage system without the need to use nasty drain cleaning chemicals. Because conventional p-trap technology hasn’t experienced any major changes since Roman times, the revolutionary PermaFLOW™ Drain Management System is really changing history. Already patented, and with other patents pending, this is the next generation of drain management.

PermaFLOW™ has been affirmed with the stamp of approval by IAPMO testing and received UPC certification for the US and Canada.” PermaFLOW™ is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Although a conventional p-trap serves as a necessary component of a drainage system, the simple design has always been prone to problems. PermaFLOW™ Drain functions like a p-trap in normal use, but also has added technology to ensure the “permanent flow” of water. Unlike traditional p-traps, PermaFLOW™ is made of clear ABS plastic, so potential problems are not only seen, they can be diagnosed and quickly remedied. The inlet and outlet pipes on PermaFLOW™ are angled to increase flow turbulence. This helps break and propel debris which minimizes deposition and prevents the sink from becoming clogged. Inside PermaFLOW™ there is a “first ever” rotating paddle that can clear blockage with a turn of the outside mounted dial. This rotating paddle feature also provides users with a by-pass mode to quickly avoid the blockage until convenient maintenance may be performed – as well as the ability to lift and easily retrieve items dropped down the drain.

Equally important, the environmentally friendly PermaFLOW™ also eliminates the need for expensive and potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals. PermaFLOW™ is green by design.

“In an industry where one anticipates surprises at new developments, I have heard astonished plumbers say this is not a trap - it is a drain. I want this in my home. Women, on the other hand, excitedly report that now I can show off my plumbing and I can fix it myself. I have to be thrilled with these reactions,” said Kent Beck, President of PF WaterWorks.

PF WaterWorks, Ltd. has formed with one goal in mind- Look at the obvious needs people have and offer new solutions. With a focus on improving self-sufficiency, respect for customer time, effort and money and the commitment to help improve our environment, PF WaterWorks™ will simplify, modify, or develop new products for the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

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