Girnarsoft Announces New Website Launch

New York, NY, December 18, 2015 --( GirnarSoft, a leading mobile and website application development company, announced the launch of its fully-featured website The newly released website is designed and developed to entice visitors and at the same time, it’s facilitating easier and rich engaging experience for its users.

“Our new website is an innovative way to effectively release pertinent and easy-to-find information to our website users and visitors,” said Anurag Jain, GirnarSoft SEZ Pvt. Ltd. CEO and Founder. “The website is dedicated to satiate users’ queries and put forward robust information on our world-class products and services,” says Anurag Jain.

The contemporary design and easy to access website communicates company’s extensive knowledge, experience and flair in doling out ingenious services to diverse clients across the world. According to GirnarSoft’s CEO, one of the driving forces behind launching the website was to encourage website visitors to explore the company’s various services, latest technologies, holistic approach, and reviews and help them create their dream website or mobile application for their businesses.

“Our long-standing experience in delivering aesthetic needs of clients with high-end quality with our super skilled and experienced professionals puts and keeps us ahead of our competition,” says Anurag Jain, “The website boasts in-depth information of all kinds of services and solution that we are offering for various industries, showcasing our portfolio and much more.” He believes that the new website will proffer a very edifying experience to its site users as the company continues to grow and raise its global presence.

After accessing and evaluating the website, the verdict of the newly launched website is that it’s well-organized, neat and user-friendly, imparting essential and engaging content to both website users and visitors. The persuasive call-to-actions button, combined with a vibrant background clearly exhibits great opportunities for users to slake their application development queries.

About GirnarSoft:

GirnarSoft is a business value focused IT company working on offshore products and outsourced software development. Founded in the year 2007, the company holds the reputation of offering advanced solutions in the domain of mobile and web.

The company has made investments across multiple domains in India, including Auto, Telecom & e-Commerce. Of the investments made, commands a special mention as it has become #1 ranked auto portal in India in terms of traffic and generates significantly high business.
Girnar Software (SEZ) Pvt. Ltd.
Anurag Jain