Actress and Advocate Discusses Her Book "One Vegan Mama"

Deanna Dylan Scott is an American Actress, producer, and author. Her book discusses vegan pregnancy, and the benefits and joy of raising a child on a vegan (plant based) diet.

Los Angeles, CA, December 20, 2015 --( Deanna Dylan Scott released her book, "One Vegan Mama in March of 2015. Her source of inspiration according to Ms. Scott - other mothers who were very curious about vegan pregnancy and raising a child on a plant based diet. When Ms. Scott was asked about her being a source of inspiration to others, she stated, "I do it by example. I live my life each day by making the choices necessary to support the care and concern that I have for both people and animals." Her book, in summary, according to various readers, presents as “a truthful, engaging, inspirational, 'no-nonsense' approach to adopting a plant based diet, inspiring those who want to chose a life filled with compassion and strength.” "One Vegan Mama" was published by Tate Publishing. It is available for purchase on,,, and at various vegan run businesses throughout Los Angeles, such as Follow Your Heart, 21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA; Rockin Rescue, 19855 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA; and Vinh Loi, 18625 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA. Ms. Scott’s site is

Future book signings will be announced on her website. In addition to Ms. Scott being a published author, she is also an advocate for the animals, advocating for them in much of what she does, and by following a vegan diet for the past 13 years, after being a vegetarian for an additional seven. She is also a screenwriter, model, actress, and producer. She was a contributor on the VGirls/VGuys project, which can be found on the web at This is a project that includes actresses, models and athletes, who joined together to demonstrate the strength, beauty and diversity of the vegan community. The project was put together by Melissa Schwartz and Donovan Jenkins of Schwartz Studios, located in Los Angeles.

Most recently Ms. Scott had her directorial debut in "Harmony Drive." This production features vegan actress, Tonya Kay for her role in the first vignette. The forthcoming feature production relating to veganism will be comprised of nine vignettes total, consisting of the characters various reactions to veganism. The main character of the forthcoming feature, "Harmony Drive" is Sloan who has a total life altering transformation for the greater good through her choice to be vegan. The film is currently in pre-production. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the production can contact Ms. Scott directly at The goal of the forthcoming feature consisting of nine vignettes, as stated by Ms. Scott, is for people "to open their minds as to how many have been conditioned by big industry to eat animals, and then to demonstrate that there is a much better, compassionate, healthy way to live.”

Most important to Ms. Scott is “to be a positive role model for her daughter, inspiring her daughter to use her “power” for good.” Ms. Scott has various productions to which she has been credited as an actress. She is also a credited writer, producer and now with “Harmony Drive”, a first time director. Her profile is available on Since she was a child Ms. Scott articulated that “she has always found portraying all kinds of characters interesting, and she loves the study of people.”

Deanna Dylan Scott may be reached directly to discuss engaging her in future productions through her website, She welcomes the opportunity of additional book signings and discussion with readers throughout Los Angeles. Ms. Scott is open to future interviews to discuss her book, “One Vegan Mama”. Press release provided by Media Relations Contact, Lisa Pellegrene who may be reached directly at Ms. Pellegrene is a fellow V-Girl Contributor (, model, actress, producer, advocate, and publicist who runs an independent consulting practice in the Los Angeles area. She has been vegan for four years.
Deanna Dylan Scott - One Vegan Mama
Lisa Pellegrene
Media Relations Contact, Lisa Pellegrene. Author of "One Vegan Mama", Deanna Dylan Scott may be contacted directly through her site, and via email at