Hospitality Industry Shows Positive Growth Trends for 2016

Travoline, a hotel bookings portal, announces that the overall hospitality industry will see a positive growth trend in the year 2016 and beyond, as per the reports of leading market research companies.

London, United Kingdom, December 24, 2015 --( Travoline, one of the leading travel portal dealing with Hotels, Car Rental, Vacation Packages and Flight bookings, announces, that the hospitality industry is projected to see a positive growth trend in the year 2016 and beyond. As per the news source, published by STR Inc and Tourism Economics’ final forecast of 2015, the hotel booking demand growth for 2016 will be +2.3% which is once again expected to be higher than the supply growth of +1.5% in the US.

This positive trend enables Travoline, to plan its marketing budget for both season and off-season time, to leverage its sales to set it next milestone to shape up its hotel marketing strategy. This growth trend will enable to leverage plans for the hospitality industry, and also to the related travel segments.

“When there is a growth projected, it’s always a positive trend for companies as well as the nation as a whole. It creates employment opportunities, increases countries gross income and many more.” said Ms. Nishanthi, Managing Director of Travoline. “With this growth forecasted, the node itself becomes a key driver for small players like to us to invest in the right markets to reach potential customers,” She added.

According to STR and Tourism Economics’ final forecast of 2015 “For the remainder of 2015, the U.S. hotel industry is predicted to report a 1.7% increase in occupancy to 65.5%, a 4.8% rise in average daily rate to US$120.46 and a 6.5% increase in revenue per available room to US$78.90. During that same period, demand growth (+2.8%) is expected to outweigh supply growth (+1.1%).” Source: STR Inc.

Since its inception, Travoline has been focusing on certain regions in the United Kingdom and United States. Moving forward to the 2016, Travoline would step in the Middle-eastern regions namely the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, as an addition, there would be a high focus on the Indian Tourism, as India has also been seeing steady growth in hospitality industry, as lot of travelers across the world, find India to be one of the best destinations.

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