Online Volunteer Shows Quality Video Production Doable via the Internet

Winniprg, Canada, December 21, 2007 --( It was 2004 when Detroit-based Kibben Miller came across an Internet-based volunteer opportunity that he saw as a perfect fit for both his lifestyle and skill set as a video editor. Although Miller was initially somewhat skeptical of whether or not the Internet could be used as an effective collaboration tool for video production, he soon proved otherwise. In his first production, he successfully co-ordinated and worked with three other online volunteers he had never met. And these four strangers, who were dispersed throughout North America, collaborated to produce a compelling Video for Canadian charitable organization Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), which aired on local television.

And after three years of successfully navigating cyberspace as an MYS Internet-based volunteer, Miller has some inspiring words for anyone considering online volunteering:

" ... regardless of what they think they can offer or they can't offer, there is going to be an organization that will welcome your work," commended Miller. "You don't have to have extraordinary computer skills and an elaborate setup to make a real significant contribution to the organization ...," added Miller.

"Whether from the Eastern US in Detroit or on the other end of the country in Portland connected via a coffee shop's wireless Internet connection, Kibben has been there for us," stated MYS Online Volunteer Program Developer Randy Tyler. "Methodical, experienced and creative, he has been an invaluable resource both as a video editor/producer and consultant," added Tyler.

To learn more about Kibben's reasons for online volunteering, the rewards and what has helped keep him involved for three years, MYS South Dakota-based online volunteer audio producer John Small interviewed Kibben. To listen to or to download the approximate nine minute interview (which was recorded on both ends and mixed in post production), please visit MYS's "About Online Volunteering" Web-based Resource and Podcast site now at the following URL:

Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), a 77 year-old trusted and respected registered charitable healing and support agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, provides a variety of innovative and leading programming for thousands of Manitoba’s young people on a yearly basis. MYS has been successfully utilizing highly-skilled online volunteers from around the globe to enhance their programs and services since 1998.

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Randy Tyler
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Skype: randytyler_canada

Macdonald Youth Services
Randy Tyler
Skype: randytyler_canada