American Safety Products is Proud to Announce a Crowdfunding Campaign for its First Consumer Product

The Locking Ladder home ladder attachment for aluminum/fiberglass ladders is preparing to be produced through a crowdfunding campaign. It was created to eliminate the leading cause of death/injury at home, so people can work on ladders safely.

Cincinnati, OH, December 24, 2015 --( Cincinnati-managed safety products company is announcing a crowdfunding campaign for its first consumer product. The campaign will be hosted on beginning January 1st 2016, and will be live for approximately 30 days. The goal is to raise money for their new line of products, the Locking Ladder attachment. The product will be produced at a local aluminum manufacturer after the campaign achieves success.

About American Safety Products

American Safety Products management team is primarily stationed in Cincinnati, with the production arm currently being located in Shreveport, LA. The company began in 1993 by designing fall protection harnesses as a better alternative to the existing offerings, which protect workers on job sites throughout various industries on a daily basis. American Safety Products plans on establishing its headquarters in the Greater Cincinnati area within the next year, while also utilizing the city’s vast production network. ASP seeks to always exceed, never meet, safety regulations by always providing innovative and top quality safety solutions.

About the Locking Ladder

The Locking Ladder is the first sub-brand from American Safety Products. The first product of this line, the residential model, was created to curb the ladder injuries around the home and residential job sites. The Locking Ladder brand will soon add a commercial version as well. The Locking Ladder attachment was rigorously tested throughout the prototyping phase, and is certified by the National Fire Protection Association with a maximum load rating of 500 LBS. The ultimate objective of the Locking Ladder attachment is for users to feel confident and safe while working on ladders, so we made sure that we took all the proper steps to make it right.

Getting up and down off roofs are no longer an issue.

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