Cannabliss Raising $5 Million to Fund incrEDIBLES Cafés

Cannabliss to secure funding to launch chain of outlets that will supply medicinal marijuana edible products direct to patients.

Coconut Creek, FL, January 04, 2016 --( Cannabliss, the Florida-based wholesale distributor of medical and legal recreational marijuana products has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, incrEDIBLES Café LLC, is to approach private investors in a bid to raise US$5 million to fund the launch of a chain of 22 niche stores in the state in anticipation of a successful vote on the Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative Amendment 2, due to take place on November 8, 2016.

Provisionally-named “incrEDIBLES Café,” the new stores will be licensed to legally dispense the range of incrEDIBLES-branded pure cannabis-infused edibles to patients with prescriptions supplied by a licensed Florida physician.

Brad Flint, press spokesperson for incrEDIBLES Café said, “We’re extremely excited about the potential for the incrEDIBLES Café. There’s an enormous groundswell of support among ordinary Floridians for the legalization of marijuana use within the state and that’s been borne out by the recent revelation that United for Care have collected 900,000 signatures supporting Amendment 2.”

Cannabliss, incrEDIBLES Café LLC’s parent, has a solid distribution network which serves retailers, medical dispensaries and other outlets in all 23 states that have passed pro-medicinal and/or recreational marijuana legislation.

“We are leveraging our extensive experience and networks in this young and highly-promising industry to build what we hope will become the 'go-to' outlet in the United States for edible THC and CBD-based products. Such is the confidence in the eventual passing of this forthcoming constitutional amendment that we have already received strong interest from a number of banks, venture capital groups and angel investors who wish to tap into the enormous potential of this fledgling market,” said Flint.

About Cannabliss:
Cannabliss is a wholesale distributor of medical marijuana products on the continental United States. Cannabliss only works with retail and medicinal outlets – we do not offer or distribute THC or CBD-based products directly to patients or to the general public.

We buy highly-consistent, fully-balanced, pure cannabis-infused edibles from leading growers and manufacturers of THC and CBD-based products and provide secure, reliable and safe distribution to a number of well-known, licensed medicinal and recreational use dispensaries in all of the 23 states that have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. Our ability to buy inventory from the growers and manufacturers in considerable quantities means that we are able to pass on generous discounts to our contracted outlets enabling cheaper prices for end-users and enhanced profitability for dispensaries.
Nicholas Buske