Gone to the Dogs, Inc. Known for its Valiant Rescue Efforts, Advocates for Year End Support

Gone to the Dogs, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) rescue organization that rescues, and rehabilitates the dogs who are often in the most dire need of medical assistance. This organization is currently operating multiple public funding campaigns to assist their dogs in need and are encouraging public participation. Gone to the Dogs, Inc. is located in Redondo Beach, CA.

Los Angeles, CA, December 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Through the lead of Marcella Janes, Founder and President of Gone to the Dogs Rescue, Inc. there is a focus by her rescue organization on helping the dogs most in need, many of the animals often requiring significant medical care. Ms. Janes is a firm believer in the concept that "charity starts at home," and given the high euthanasia rate at shelters such as Carson, Harbor and Lancaster, her work for the animals starts there. There is an ongoing, as well as an immediate need for community support by way of fosters, and additional funding for the animals under their care. “There are dogs under the care of the rescue at this moment, who are improving, yet require additional medical care in order to stay on the path of good health,” according to Ms. Janes.

The good news according to many in the animal advocacy community is that with organizations such as Gone to the Dogs Rescue, Inc., specifically rescues who don't just focus on the "easy" rescue efforts, there is hope for the older and sick animals who were previously abandoned. Hope is perpetuated when rescues with the heart and know how step up to help them. The responsibility and level of protection and care that is needed does not stop there. The public has a responsibility too in terms of participating in fundraisers, or to step forward as fosters or volunteers, so that the organization which serves the community in helping to care for the animals can perpetuate their efforts. When the charitable organizations and the public work together to ensure that medical and continued care needs are met, rescues such as Gone to the Dogs, Inc. can then continue to save additional lives responsibly and provide every bit of care needed for animals under their rescue. Currently, there are multiple fundraisers on www.fundrazr.com where the public can participate in helping the animals under the care of Gone for the Dogs, Inc. The individual fundraisers for various dogs in need can be found by doing a search for Gone for the Dogs, Inc. at the Fundrazr link provided. There are many dogs in need of additional medical care. The public is encouraged by Ms. Janes to view all of the current campaigns posted through Fundrazr for the animals currently in need.

Cooper aka Gramps is a beautiful senior dog who was previously abandoned at the shelter. He is currently fighting a significant infection. He is improving and currently in a foster home, but is in need of significant medical care. The public may show their support for Cooper, by visiting this link https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/b13fD2. Additionally, hendrickboards.com is running a campaign to help Cooper. According to Hendrick & Co’s website, for every product purchased from their site they “will donate $10 to give Cooper the life he truly deserves and was always meant to have.” This information is available on the homepage of their website. Bindi is a 9 year old German Shepherd who was previously abandoned at Riverside Shelter. She has multiple medical conditions, she is improving, yet currently needs additional medical care. The direct link to Bindi’s page may be found at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/113F10. In terms of ongoing medical needs and so that many more precious lives like Gramps and Bindi may also be saved, funding must be in place. There is a page on Razoo which discusses medical needs for 2016. Ms. Janes stated that “community support is appreciated here too, as this is funding to be utilized to save additional lives," https://www.razoo.com/story/veterinary-rescue-costs.

Many in the animal advocacy world know, veterinarians do not provide free medical care rescues, sometimes discounts are available to a limited extent, yet 99 percent of the time, the care is not simply given without the needed funds. The additional funds that need to be raised depend on support from the community. Gone to the Dog’s, Inc. does not take salaries for anyone working with the organization, and it is predominantly volunteer run, according to Ms. Jane’s; therefore, the funding raised is 100 percent dedicated to provide for the care of the animals. In terms of social media, the facebook page for Gone to the Dogs, Inc may be added at www.Facebook.com/GTTDR. This rescue organization may be added on Instagram @gonetothedogsrescue. As the end of the year approaches, it is of general consensus that many in the community do have the desire to support worthwhile charitable organizations. In terms of dedicated efforts for animals on an extensive basis, it is evident that Gone to the Dog’s, Inc. definitely does their part to assist animals in need.

Those who have the desire to assist the animals cared for by this charitable organization, may refer to the links provided, or visit the organization website directly at www.gonetothedogsrescue.org. Ms. Janes may be contacted directly through the website. The community participation links are provided on the website as well. Press release written/provided by Ms. Lisa Pellegrene, who is a well-known publicist, actress, producer, and advocate, who operates an independent consulting practice in the Los Angeles area. She may be reached directly at ideaanalyst@gmail.com.
Gone to the Dogs Rescue, Inc.
Marcella Janes
Press release written/provided by Lisa Pellegrene, Media Relations Contact/Publicist. Reachable via email at ideaanalyst@gmail.com.