Gradwell Communications Launches New Managed Fibreline Offering

Bath, United Kingdom, December 31, 2015 --( Gradwell Communications is pleased to announce an extra level of service reassurance to their Ethernet leased line customers through the addition of a fully automated failover solution.

In the event of a problem with the main fibre optic circuit, the customer’s connection will automatically and seamlessly failover to a backup line. All circuits are monitored 24/7 by the Gradwell network team, and during extensive testing, customers using their internet connection when the line failed over found it hard to notice any gap in service.

Customers who make the switch to dedicated leased lines usually move all their business critical functionality onto the service, such as voice and connections to cloud CRM services. This means that any downtime, no matter how small, can have a real impact not just on operations and customer service, but also financially on the company’s bottom line.

Whilst customers can always manually switch to a backup circuit in the event of a service issue, Gradwell’s solution removes the need to have someone in the office that is able to do this, and also preserves the same IP address allocation that the customer usually uses, preserving any customer services that rely on static IP addressing.

Commenting, Founder & CTO Peter Gradwell said “As business moves to the cloud none of us can afford to miss a beat and so rock solid, affordable internet connections form the foundations that we all rely on. We are delighted to bring this enhancement to market for new customers, or as a simple upgrade for our existing fibre customers in order to provide 100% reliability and a service-level agreement to match."
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