Introverse Media Proudly Presents The Co-Op Communique Series

Compilation series will introduce independent artists to new audiences through digital and physical media.

Red Bank, NJ, January 02, 2016 --( The Co-Op is intentionally introducing listeners to new artists, says the founder of the effort Dw. Dunphy. By establishing the series of compilations, via a Bandcamp distribution channel and through physical media, his goal is to break the stalemate between an eager audience and the distribution channels that cannot come together. The Co-Op Communique is set to arrive on a quarterly basis, with Volume One launching in early-2016.

"The decision (to start The Co-Op Communique) was actually simple," Dunphy said. "I'm in conversation with all these artists year-in and year-out, and I know what they are capable of, but few people seem to be listening." His appraisal led him to believe that it wasn't because audiences didn't want to find the music, but just couldn't. "When you create music distribution systems -- name any that come to mind -- your first responsibility to your investors is to survive. That almost immediately excludes any artist that is starting out or has a low profile. As that system grows and gains customers, there's a tendency to stick with guaranteed assets. That doesn't make music discovery impossible, but (discovery) happens almost like an unintended consequence. Discovery, however, is our primary intent."

Dunphy took inspiration from the music magazine Down The Line. "The editor Matt Crosslin had a very open-door attitude about what made the cut. He wasn't arbitrary, but he wasn't exclusionary either." That carried over to the Down The Line Collective, a Bandcamp network which gathered up the independent artists the 'zine covered. That outreach extended to the Basement Tapes Podcast hosted by musician Mike Indest. "Having experienced that same exclusionary attitude for many years, it was a shock to be welcomed by these folks. The Co-Op exists mainly as a way to extend this effort and hopefully to scale up a bit."

The Co-Op Communique Volume One features a list of musical genres and performers that reflect the variety found in popular music, from the heartland rock of Jeff Elbel + Ping and the power pop of The Click Beetles, to the arena rock of The Gamble, the industrial sound of Dann Gunn, and the found-sound experimentalism of Justin Vellucci. The release also features two tracks from Dead Artist Syndrome's latest release Kissing Strangers. DAS leader Brian Healy is backed by Ojo Taylor, Gym Nicholson, and Ric Alba among others, all formerly of the band Undercover at various stages.

Dunphy will be distributing The Co-Op Communique through all the major digital channels as well, but noted some of the unique features of the Bandcamp variation. "With that, I can add biographical detail about the artists, provide art that shows where the songs came from and, most importantly, links that will direct listeners to where they can get more of it. We envision this series as a form of networking rather than a self-contained product."

Even though the first volume has not yet been launched, there is considerable interest brewing among artists looking to be included in future installments. "It's been great to see that people want to be a part of this," Dunphy said. "We are looking to fill slots for the next release, so I am in conversation with musicians now. I'm encouraging them to reach out to me and lock this in, and that process has been painless. They're saying 'how can I join up', so that is a tremendously good sign that we are doing something right here."

Artists featured on The Co-Op Communique Volume One include: Dead Artist Syndrome, The Gamble, Jeff Elbel + Ping, The b-attitudes, Mike Indest, The Click Beetles, Dann Gunn, And How, Eddie Parrino, Dw. Dunphy, Justin Vellucci, and a surprise artist to be announced in early-2016.

Artists who would like to be considered for future editions of The Co-Op Communique should contact Dw. Dunphy at: with the subject line "Co-Op Series."

About The Co-Op

The Co-Op is an artist-supported collective devoted to shifting the balance of opportunities toward independent musicians. Presented as a subsidiary of Introverse Media, Ltd., The Co-Op maintains that the "underground" is just as vital, interesting, and unique as it has ever been and needs a bullhorn to make that statement clear. For more information regarding The Co-Op, contact Dw Dunphy at
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