Romance Novel "Preying Mantis: The Story of Tarissa" Receives Official Selection Honors in the New Apple Indie E-Book Awards

Dayton, OH, January 02, 2016 --( "Preying Mantis: The Story of Tarissa" by Lyn Thomas-Ogbuji receives Official Selection Honors in the Romance category of the 2015 New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

Book Synopsis
Len, a NASA scientist met Trish at a party and fell in love with her. Unlike Len’s honorable and efficient wife Magda, Trish was articulate and feisty. Len and Trish embark on a torrid love affair that takes them to the stratosphere, with adventures in the U.S.A. and Europe punctuated by epochal events such as “9/11” and Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster, which they observed together from vantage perspectives provided by his work schedule. Len kept up hopes and plans to get his family well situated, as dictated by his traditional African background, before he would follow his heart and cleave to Trish. But by the time he finally left his 44-year-old marriage, Trish had quietly defected to someone else.

Len pulled all stops to woo her back, but she spurned all his efforts. When he persisted, she turned truculent adversary and sued him for stalking. A perplexed Len now examined Trish’s behavior and was horrified to find that the real Trish Adoja was a consummate con artist: her years of pretended affection was a camouflage for serial predation on a specific, predictable type of man.

About the Author
Lyn Thomas is an engineer by training who has worked as a scientist and academic. Now retired from academia, Thomas maintains, where he discusses the nuances of written communication in US English. Thomas’s nonscientific publications, in addition to "Rogue Lovers: The Story of Tarissa," include "Seeing the World in Black & White" and "A Potemkin Paradise."

About the New Apple Book Awards
The New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing was established to honor the creative achievements of the unsung books fighting for their place within the digital publishing world. Any English language book published within the last three years, currently available for sale by an independent author or small press that met the Awards' guidelines was eligible for entry. One book was chosen in each category as the Medalist Winner receiving the highest honors. In addition, the judges were permitted to choose up to three Official Selections for category distinction.

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Preying Mantis: The Story of Tarissa is available in paperback and eBook and can be purchased at Amazon. To find out more about the New Apple Book Awards, visit

"Preying Mantis: The Story of Tarissa"
Author: Lyn Thomas-Ogbuji
Publishing House: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-0-692-46760-2
Author website:

Lyn Thomas-Ogbuji is available for public appearances, signings, interviews and blog tours. Contact the author at

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