DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg Announces His Work Readiness with ESOL Exercises Book Series

The series will follow his non-ESOL work readiness book series. Required ESOL competencies from the state of Florida will be used to help determine the content for the ESOL exercises and worksheets.

Jupiter, FL, January 04, 2016 --(PR.com)-- DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg developed a work readiness certification program that was called the best in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board in 2003.

Since that time he has improved upon and added to that program and the result was four books: Workplace Basics, Workplace Skills, People Skills and Customer Service. Now Mr. Goldberg is adding ESOL worksheets and exercises covering reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and more to the work readiness worksheets and exercises already in the book. Just like the non-ESOL books, there will be instructor books and student books. The instructor books have the answers to the exercises and chapter reviews (for the work readiness content) that the teachers can use as a review or as a question and answer knowledge-based demonstrated competency for the students.

Since the author is located in Florida, Florida’s ESOL competencies will be used as the base for generating the ESOL worksheets and exercises that will be contained in the books. However, the Florida ESOL competencies are wide-ranging and should meet the requirements of ESOL programs in any venue, anywhere in the United States.

Many of the work readiness (and customer services) exercises already in the book also meet ESOL competencies required in Florida. Please note that in order to get the maximum number of ESOL competencies, all four books should be used in your program. Many of the ESOL competencies line up with the work readiness/customer service content throughout the existing series. For example, ethics is a topic in Workplace Skills, so Workplace Basics with ESOL Exercises will not cover those ESOL competencies. They will be covered in the Workplace Skills with ESOL Exercises book.

The first book in the series, Workplace Basics with ESOL Exercises will be available in early January. The rest of the series Workplace Skills with ESOL Exercises, People Skills with ESOL Exercises and Customer Service with ESOL Exercises will be available in 2016. Go to www.dtrconsulting.biz/books.htm to see if/when the books are available. When available they can be purchased at each book’s official web page, or at Amazon or any other online bookseller. Here is a link to Jay Goldberg’s author age at Amazon, www.amazon.com/Jay-Goldberg/e/B0083056QW.

The work readiness topics, worksheets (no answers in book) and exercises (answers in back of the book) in the ESOL editions of the book are exactly the same as in the non-ESOL versions of the books. Employers do not have different workplace expectations or requirements for employees enrolled in (or who graduated from) ESOL programs. In addition, ESOL students want and deserve the same opportunities as anyone else to excel and grow at work. To ensure this, the work readiness portion in any ESOL program needs to be exactly the same as a work readiness program for non-ESOL participants.

Only work readiness topics are covered in the text of the book. It is assumed that ESOL/ESL programs already have materials to teach topics such as reading, writing, grammar, etc.

Therefore, the ESOL exercises in this book are used to apply those previously taught and learned skills to workplace materials and situations; and to further help the participants understand the work readiness topics taught throughout the series.

Since the work readiness materials are the same as the ones for non-ESOL participants; these materials are targeting high-middle tier to upper tier ESOL students.
DTR Inc.
Jay Goldberg