iUniverse Announces the Release of Black Coffee's Time Will Reveal Part 2

Unique urban romance continues in this compelling sequel.

New York, NY, December 22, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In 2005, the literary world met a bold new voice in urban fiction when author Black Coffee introduced us to her charismatic, street-smart heroine Ebony “Baby Girl” Brown in Time Will Reveal Part 1. Now, Black Coffee brings us the second part of this fascinating story about a young African-American woman struggling to find a life for herself far from the crime-ridden neighborhood of her childhood.

Time Will Reveal Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off as Ebony has barely survived a harrowing ordeal while visiting her grandmother in Houston. Ebony’s family was rushed from Cleveland to be by her side during her long and painful recovery. Ebony’s volatile boyfriend Anthony “Ajay” Jackson has also made the trip to Houston to be with his girlfriend. Tensions are high as the Browns, disapproving of Jackson’s gang life and fearful of its influence on their daughter, square off with Ebony’s young boyfriend about her future. At the same time, Ebony’s “crew” of loyal pals from the neighborhood have decided they must take revenge on her attacker and the gang members that have hurt one of their own so badly. The proposed plan is a cold-blooded and ruthless example of how justice is played out in the ghettos of America.

As for getting their revenge on Craig’s crew, they are bidding their time. The crew will try to stretch the plan out until the summer. Then, they will all be home and their alibis would be solid. As for now, it is up to the foursome to slowly spin, Craig, Justin, Roger and Tim, into their web. Ebony is nervous about the whole process. There is definitely enough resistance from Ajay to warrant her being so.

Time Will Reveal Part 2 takes us deep into the minds and hearts of urban American youth, from the struggles they must overcome personally in order to stay alive day to day, to the desperation they feel at the momentous events that turned the tide of our country at the beginning of the new millennium. From street-style murders and crack addiction to drug deals and modern day gangland vengeance, the stories of Ebony Brown and her crew pop with drama and grate each reader’s senses with brutal, riveting reality. As the characters within Time Will Reveal Part 2 fall in love, raise their families and even try to gain meaningful careers outside the world of crime, we are introduced to a darker side of America. In Ebony Brown’s world, experiences are dealt like a random pack of cards in the brutal poker game of life, where losing is almost a foregone conclusion.

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About the Black Coffee

Black Coffee was born in Mississippi, raised in the Dirty South and schooled on life in New Orleans. Her first novel, Time Will Reveal Part 1, was published in 2005. The author currently resides in Mississippi.

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