Inspirational CD Series, the Eternal Words™ Available January, 2008

Anna Perry's Eternal Words(TM) CD series combine spoken scriptures and instrumentals to give hope, inspiration, and comfort for anyone struggling with common life situations such as the need for peace and compassion, financial worries, and substance abuse use. The CDs will be available the second week of January and retail for $15.95.

Fort Collins, CO, December 21, 2007 --( Anna Perry’s hectic day was just about to get even crazier. Perry, the single mother of two teenage daughters was driving home after attending a bible study class and called her youngest daughter to let her know she was on her way home.

“Something just seemed off in the way she answered. Then, for some reason, I remembered her mentioning a few days earlier that her period was late. So I asked her, ‘Did you get your period, yet?’”

“There was a pause. Then she said, ‘Mom, I’m pregnant.’”

“I was stunned,” Perry said, “I pulled the car over and just cried and cried. It seemed as though this couldn’t be happening at a worse time for my daughter. She was graduating from high school in only five months and was planning to attend college in the fall.”

It’s a situation that would upset any parent. “There was a time in my life,” Anna admits, “that I wouldn’t have handled the situation well. I would have been frantic and very worried about the future. Situations like this can drive parents and children apart for years.”

But that’s not what Anna Perry did. Instead of getting angry with her daughter, Anna listened to a recording she had created in which she read passages from the Bible.

“Just listening to that recording which was filled with the Word of God calmed me. I knew that everything was going to work out. I didn’t know how exactly but I had this sense of peace and faith that my daughter and her baby were going to be all right.”

When Perry got home she hugged her daughter and promised her support. “I knew the most important thing I could do was to just love her and be there for her.”

“Listening to God’s Words, enabled me to support my daughter without anger or judgment. Would she be doing as well if I hadn’t? Perhaps. As soon as she learned she was pregnant, I was amazed at her maturity and responsibility. But I doubt she and I would enjoy the wonderful relationship we have now.”

It also made Perry realize that other people could benefit from listening to her recordings.

“Just talking with people at work and talking with my friends made me realize how hungry people are for a sense of peace and well-being in their lives. I thought, “Wow, my recordings of God’s Words’ could really make a difference for so many people.”

So Anna Perry created the Eternal Words™ CD series. Each CD addresses a different life situation such as the need for peace and compassion, financial worries, and substance abuse. On the CD Anna reads passages from the Old and New Testament that speak to the struggles. Background instrumentals add to the gentle, peaceful mood of the readings.

“There are recordings available in which the whole Bible is read; and there are many inspirational CDs where the person is speaking about their own experience or interpretation of the scriptures. But Eternal Words™ CDs are different. I knew people needed to hear God’s pure words without anyone’s thoughts or beliefs added to them.”

Perry has been giving copies of her CDs to friends and colleagues and is already getting rave reviews.

“I was skeptical at first,” said Judy Murdoch, a work at home mom who lives in Denver. “I’ve listened to a lot of inspirational recordings and they all start sounding the same after a while. But the combination of the Bible passages, Anna’s voice, and the instrumentals really resonates for me. Listening to her Peace CD, I actually felt worries being lifted and replaced by a sense of peace and well-being.”

The Eternal Words™ CDs will be available in the second week of January. Perry is already getting emailed pre-orders. “My neighbor has already ordered five copies of the Peace CD,” she laughs.

The Eternal Words™ CDs sell for $15.95 (sales tax may apply).

To pre-order any of Anna Perry’s CD, send an email to: including name and email address.

When the CDs are ready for shipping an email will go out to people on the pre-order list with purchase information.

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