Bariatric Surgery Promising Solution for Obese Children in the UAE

Criteria, management techniques and solutions involving bariatric surgery in children discussed at Arab Health

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 06, 2016 --( Childhood obesity is quite prevalent in the UAE, and it can lead to hypertension, type 2 diabetes, orthopaedic complications, sleep apnea and psychosocial difficulties. It can also cause abnormal amount of cholesterol and fat in the blood, leading to heart and liver disease. Studies suggest that approximately one third of all children in UAE are overweight or obese.

Bariatric surgery is recommended when a patient suffers from a weight-related illness that has not been successfully managed through diet modifications or medication. The criteria are basically the same whether a patient is 10 years old or 40.

“Bariatric surgery for children and adolescents can help them defeat obesity. The surgery not only helps the patient lose weight, but it corrects the obesity-related illnesses that may afflict the patient. Diabetes is an example of a disease that almost always goes away after weight loss surgery in children and adolescents. Still the long-term success rates of any bariatric surgery procedure rely heavily on the patient committing to changing their lifestyle and eating habits,” highlighted Dr. Evan Nadler, Co-Director, Children's National Obesity Institute - Children's National Medical Centre, Washington DC, USA.

Dr. Nadler will discuss the benefits and criteria for bariatric surgery at the Diabetes Conference during the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress. The conference will take place from the 25-26 January 2016 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center Dubai, UAE.

“I have performed surgery on three patients from the Middle East, two of which had a rare genetic defect. All the patients have all done well after their surgery. There is a recent publication in the International Journal of Obesity which was collaboration between the Children’s National Medical Centre and the Imperial College of Surgeons Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi detailing two of these patients,” says Dr Nadler.

During his discussion at the Arab Health and Congress, Dr. Nadler will cover the three major types of bariatric surgery offered for weight loss including the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.
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