New Supplement Company Focuses on Successful Middle-Aged Men

A new supplement company called Silver Wolf Nutrition is being launched in 2016 to provide successful, middle-aged men with specific solutions to help them increase their longevity. The company did extensive research to produce a line of supplements that solve the specific issues that educated men aged 35 to 55 years old face on a regular basis. This includes natural remedies for enhanced workout energy, focus, sleep, muscle development and retention, and more.

Tustin, CA, January 06, 2016 --( Silver Wolf Nutrition is a specialized supplement company for successful men aged 35 to 55 years old. The company, based in Southern California, did extensive research to find ideal solutions to the unique situations this demographic encounters as they seek to extend their health and success over the decades.

In order to solve some of the most common problems that middle-aged men face, Silver Wolf Nutrition has produced a line of essential supplements. These supplements were designed to simplify the process of enhancing health through nutrition. For that reason, the company opted for simple, understandable names for their products.

The product line includes Silver Wolf Workout Enhancer, Daily Essentials Multivitamin, Sleep Enhancer, Muscle Support Amino Acids, Focus Enhancer, and Mobility Enhancer. They are also creating a new vegetarian Pea Protein Powder that will be available later this year.

"Our research has shown that the needs of active, successful men differ from the typical desires of the 20-something crowd that typical supplement companies focus on," stated Silver Wolf Nutrition spokesperson Eric Douglas. "Sure, men our age care about what we look like, but we're just as concerned about naturally extending our health in a variety of other ways, including our mental focus, the quality of our sleep, and alleviating the aches and pains that come with age."

In addition to providing straight forward solutions to common middle-aged problems, the company is also looking to educate their customers about the key aspects of healthy living. The Silver Wolf Nutrition website contains a series of "guides" that are essentially libraries of essential information. Currently they include a supplement guide containing details about common herbs, vitamins, mineral, amino acids, and chemical compounds, a healthy food guide containing nutritional data about standard meats, grains, vegetables, and fruits, and an exercise guide containing barbell, calisthenic, dumbbell, and kettlebell exercises. In addition, the company is planning an extensive list of lifestyle focused articles geared towards improving the mental health of middle-aged men through outdoor activities.

Silver Wolf Nutrition is launching their first six products in January 2016. Within the first quarter they are also planning to launch their new Pea Protein supplement along with a free smoothie recipe guide.
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