Vancouver, BC-Based Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Now Offers Duct Cleaning Service

Vancouver, Canada, January 07, 2016 --( Vancouver, BC-based Malkin Cleaners has just announced they’re now offering duct cleaning services throughout the region. The Vancouver restoration company’s services will help increase energy efficiency within the home during the winter season, when most homeowners are using their heating systems throughout to maintain a comfortable environment.

Duct cleaning is now one of the most important home maintenance processes Canadian homeowners must complete on a regular basis. Homeowners must have their ducts cleaned professionally in order to minimize the number of contaminants being blown throughout their property, as well as to reduce the strain placed on their home systems during peak hot and cold periods during the year. The team at Malkin Cleaners is now offering an affordable, expert-driven duct cleaning service.

The Malkin Cleaners experts have over 90 years’ combined experience within the Vancouver duct cleaning marketplace. They complete their work efficiently and within a consolidated timeframe to minimize the impact of their work on the day-to-day activities within the home. Their services are unparalleled in the region, as they offer a comprehensive cleaning process that ensures each component is expertly cleaned by trained duct cleaning experts using the latest vacuum technology. It’s a service designed to remove allergens and odours from within the home environment to protect families for years to come.

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