Active Management Nor Launch a New Gold Fund (AMNGF)

Active Management Nor (Aktiv Forvaltning) is pleased to announce the launch of Active Management Nor Gold Fund (AMNGF) - Scandinavia's first open end commodity scheme. AMNGF aims to provide maximum exposure to prices of Gold, by investing in deliverable gold based futures contracts available at a commodity exchange (New York, London). AMNGF has an initial offering from January 21-28, 2016 with No Load and will be open for subscription subsequently.

Stockholm, Sweden, January 07, 2016 --( Peter Bohr, the CEO of Active Management Nor, while announcing the launch of the Fund said “Active Management Nor has continued to address the growing need of investors who are looking for wealth creation over the long term. In this regard, gold is viewed as a profitable avenue for investments. Active Management Nor Gold Fund offers a simple way of investing in gold by having physical gold as an asset at the back while letting you make the most out of its appreciating value potential. AMNGF also allows investors to get involved with the yellow metal without hassle of buying, storing and transporting physical gold and is affordable like any other open end mutual fund.”

He further added, “AMNGF provides a hedge against inflation or currency devaluation and is also a mean of diversification for investment portfolios. At the same time, the savings come handy for any anticipated future need. An investor may also choose to invest a small amount regularly through Systematic Investment Plan.”

Active Management Nor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Active Management Group has been managing investments since 1999 and has more than 21000 clients worldwide with total Assets Under Management (AUMs) of over 6 billion USD (as of October 2015).
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