The Paw Spa in Thornwood, NY Introduces Self-Wash Dogs Baths for 25% Off Through January

The Paw Spa, a Thornwood dog groomer and dog spa, is offering 25% off self-wash dog baths and full service shampoos through January. The baths were custom-designed for the comfort and convenience of their clients and their dogs.

The Paw Spa in Thornwood, NY Introduces Self-Wash Dogs Baths for 25% Off Through January
Thornwood, NY, January 07, 2016 --( 25% Off Self-Wash Dog Baths through January

Thornwood, NY Dog Groomer and Spa is offering 25% off of their custom-designed self wash and full service shampoos for the entire month. The groomers love what they do because they love animals. The Paw Spa groomers are licensed and trained professionals who take the comfort and well-being of their clients' dogs very seriously. They believe in their approach to grooming and want to share their newly custom made bath stations. The Paw Spa team wants clients from Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Armonk, Hawthorne and all of Westchester to use this sale to come in and see for themselves how great these bath stations are.

The Paw Spa Story

The Paw Spa in Thornwood, NY opened for business in July, 2015. Mary Bae, Paw Spa owner, wanted to do something she loves for a living. Her love of animals led her to found The Paw Spa. She found it important to offer the best possible service and grooming environment, so she invested in custom-made dog wash stations and high velocity, completely safe dryers.

"We want people to give us a chance instead of disregarding us due to the fact that we are still new or not a big box store," said Bae. "We are a local family-owned business that cares about our local community and our dogs. We wanted to offer a reasonably priced grooming experience, since grooming in Westchester, NY is so expensive."

Advantages of Groomers and Self-Wash Baths

There are a number of advantages for clients who bring their dogs to a groomer with self-wash baths like The Paw Spa.

Trying to wash a dog at home can be a time consuming mess. Then there is the added cost of shampoo and brushes. Drying with towels requires doing laundry, but more importantly it is an ineffective method. Towel-drying can also leave moisture on the dog's skin. That is the single most important reason to bring your dog to a groomer - they completely dry dogs' coats and skin. If moisture stays on the skin, it is an inviting atmosphere for bacteria which can grow and cause infection.

The dryers used by The Paw Spa are completely safe and effective, because they use air temperature forced air dryers. These dryers contain no heating coil, so there is no danger of burning fur or skin. There is some false information out there about dryers causing burns. Don't believe these stories because high-velocity dryers with no auxiliary eating element, like the ones used by The Paw Spa, cannot burn a dog.

Call The Paw Spa at 914-482-1581 to book an appointment and mention the 25% sale! Other grooming services include shampoos, nail trims, hair cuts, ear cleaning, brush outs and de-shedding, anti-itch bath and more. Or take a look online and see some of the happy furry clients in action.
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