Max Martini Selected to Play Max Morgan in the Kill List

Hollywood, CA, January 09, 2016 --( It's Official, actor/director Max Martini has been selected to play the leading role as Max Morgan of The Kill List by Randy H. Church. Max Martini has first right of refusal to play the leading character since the book and the character was inspired by him. There is no film date at this time. The book is about a retired army sniper who finds time on his hands with nothing to do. When he sees a job opening in the CIA for a sniper he immediately applies. But somewhere along the way his application is intercepted and that person pretends to be the CIA Director offering Max the job. But Max must first "audition" for the job. If he successfully kills the people on the list he is sent he will get the job. What he doesn't know is that the Director did not send the letter and he is killing people on someone's private list. The CIA and the FBI go in search of the sniper who is killing these people. Updates will be posted on the Face Book page of Randy H Church. Or email randyhchurch@hotmail. com
Randy Beaumier
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