Westlake Village Chiropractor Offering Drug-Free Alternative for Children with ADHD

Dr Brady Salcido of Vitality Family Chiropractic discusses how Chiropractic can help children with ADHD naturally.

Westlake Village, CA, January 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Today, 1 in 10 children are diagnosed with ADHD, making it the most commonly diagnosed neuro behavioral disorder in children. CBS recently aired a segment stating that 4.5 million children and adolescents in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD and an estimated 2.5 million of whom are taking medication for their condition.[i] With those staggering numbers and the latest research suggesting the dangers of prescription drugs in mind, many parents and patients are in search of natural alternatives.

Many people wouldn’t immediately consider Chiropractic helping children with ADHD; however, Dr Brady Salcido, owner and Chiropractor at Vitality Family Chiropractic has taken care of many children with ADHD and seen incredible results. “We are not ‘treating’ ADHD, but we are aiming to restore normal neurological function. Often times we find that the brain and nervous system are out of balance, leading to over activity and disorganization. These children are essentially ‘stuck’ on the gas pedal and our job is to start pushing the brake pedal naturally.”

So how does the nervous system get out of balance? “Of course diet and environment can play a factor, but many times, the imbalance can also be traced back to events occurring very early in life: often birth trauma, childhood falls, as well as other injuries that may seem minor. These seemingly small incidences can eventually compound to create a much larger problem,” says Dr Brady. “We use our state of the art scanning technology to determine the level of impact these events have had on the nervous system.” This NASA certified technology is critical in Dr Brady’s care. The non invasive and pain-free technology analyzes and evaluates the spine and central nervous system using thermography, surface EMG, and Heart Rate Variability. This technology is used to measure and assess the neurological activity as well as indicate areas of stress on the central nervous system. “We don’t guess. We test. The results of the scans help us determine exactly where the area of concern is. It also lets us know if we truly can help or not.”

“I analyze and check for what is known as a subluxation, a misalignment within the spine that creates physiological changes within the body leading to a build up of stress on the central nervous system. This stress can overstimulate the brain. When we remove the subluxation, we allow the body to heal and restore normal physiological and neurological function. This often leads to better sleep habits, calmer behavior, better digestive activity, and stronger immune system function.”

One mother of a 5-year-old patient of Dr Brady’s writes about her son’s progress: “He had difficulty sleeping, calming down to eat meals, and was agitated and acting out behaviorally. It began to be an issue at pre-school as well. His teachers were having difficulty getting him to transition to different activities in class and I was having difficulty with his behavior at home. After 13 weeks of treatment I can honestly say that the results have been dramatic. His teachers and school director have noticed a significant difference and he recently received a glowing progress report…without medication.”

Dr. Brady Salcido holds regular workshops within the community discussing ADHD in his workshop ADHD: Ferrari Engines & Bicycle Brakes. The workshop is recorded and available on his website. For more information, visit www.govitalityfamily.com.

[i] "ADHD Drug Warning." CBS Early Show, June 15, 2009.
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