Just Published "The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure," a Lifestyle Guide to Perfecting Circulation

Not many people know that chronic fatigue and low blood pressure frequently go together. Yet, experience says that normalizing low blood pressure can lead to better energy. How can one improve circulation and heart function with home methods is the topic of this newly released book.

Toronto, Canada, January 09, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Every month over forty five thousand people search Google for help relating to fluctuating and low blood pressure symptoms. This reflects just a fraction of people that are looking for answers to their concerning yet unexplainable blood pressure numbers. In response to this enormous demand Dr. Dorothy Adamiak, ND published “The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure,” a book that helps the reader discover causes behind their circulatory malfunction.

The book takes the reader through a variety of home tests designed to find out how blood pressure behaves during various situations. These tests help detect frequently missed causes behind the odd number such as adrenal fatigue, hidden blood loss, autonomic nervous system failure, food sensitivities, hardening of arteries, electrolyte deficiency, overmedication, dehydration, as well as many others. The book makes suggestions how to correct the underlying causes of circulatory irregularities with simple to follow tips as well as lifestyle changes.

The guide contains 200 pages and is backed by 176 references. It is the only comprehensive self-help book on the subject available today. The interactive version contains links to video clips that explain tests and blood pressure concepts in more details. It is a “go to” book for everyone with poor circulation and concerns about blood pressure numbers.

This is one of the reader’s review:
"I thought, 'it’s not for me, I’m high blood pressure.' But when I started reading it, the book totally absorbed me and I could not stop. I found tons of information useful also for my condition. In the era of information overload, if you are health concerned individual, you’re probably overwhelmed with health related publications, telling you what you should do and what not to. But this book is different: it will also tell you the how and why, with strong research support. In a simple, easy to understand non-medical language it explains not-so-simple concepts."

Dr. Dorothy Adamiak, is a licensed naturopathic physician with 17 years of experience dealing with cardiovascular and endocrine pathologies including blood pressure, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, chronic stress, chronic inflammation, and immune system weakness. The idea to write The Guide was fueled by her own earlier struggle to overcome chronic fatigue, which was, as she realized years later, due to low blood pressure. “Chronic fatigue causes” is searched on google over 2.5 million times every month.
Dorothy Adamiak