Kev Evan Releases Debut Self-Titled Album; Listen to the New Album on Apple Music

Littleton, CO, January 10, 2016 --( Kev Evan has finally released his debut album, The album, which is self-titled, is a career first for the artist, who has been self-producing and writing his own content for four years. Kev Evan himself, has been known online for overcoming speech problems and using music as a way to connect with an audience that otherwise would not hear him. His music is inspired by Synthpop, Alternative Rap, and Spoken-Word Poetry. This genre of music has helped gain the artist a footing with fans that many other artists do not receive. He is known to engage with his audience and that alone sets him apart, along with heartfelt singing and a different approach to rapping, Kev Evan is a prime display of the genre of which he was created in.

This album, although it is his first, is no different. The record was created as a four-part story, consisting of four songs for each act, The tones change throughout the entire album and we truly see why the artist does things this way.

In addition, Apple Music is now streaming the full album “Kev Evan,” Including the emotional, yet drive worthy third track “Mechanical.” The site describes it as “interpretation of forcing oneself to fit into a mold, they simply do not fit."

The accompanying video is also streaming on YouTube. With a metaphor driven scene, the video shows the artist Kev Evan, covering himself in paint to match the background behind him. This results in the artist disappearing into the wall, and therefore losing his own identity in an effort to fit in.

At only eighteen years old, Kev Evan is inspired by Synth-pop, Spoken word poetry, and Rap, along with many Rock mechanics.

Kev Evan began writing as a way to fend off a stuttering speech impediment, which he developed at the age of 14. Using his own written lyrics as a coping mechanism, Singing and Rapping gave him a way to communicate with others without having to put his most insecure traits on display.

Self-taught on the piano, Kev Evan combines the manipulation of Synth with the more harsh and tense tendencies of the genre of which he was created in. The writing is done in a way that separates the message and parts the meaning by two. One about the feelings and character of a problem and the other about a deeper and more hidden feeling given by the lyrics, this is displayed within every track. Kev Evan has been respectively compared to other artists such as, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, The Killers, and Queen.

Up to this point Kev Evan has produced, written, and performed all tracks by himself, and this can be seen in the lyrics most of all. His message is clear, due to his writing abilities; some of which were developed at an early age.

This debutorial work is his best yet and thanks to this, Kev Evan has finally been shaped as an artist in his own right, creating music he deems as important, while also fun and overtly energetic.

Please get in touch with Kevin at: for Booking, Interviews, or Promotional copies of “Kev Evan”.
Kev Evan