Nutfield Technology Launches Universal OEM CO2 Laser Kit

Hudson, NH, January 10, 2016 --( Nutfield Technology is the frontrunner in designing and manufacturing the most cutting edge and groundbreaking galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, and laser kits available. They have just announced the release of their state-of-the-art OEM laser kit that is designed with all the necessary components required to assemble a 25, 40, or 75 watt Universal CO2 Laser in a Class IV environment. This CO2 Laser Kit will allow for the safe control of a Universal CO2 laser system and have it marking in no time.

Nutfield Technology’s new OEM Laser Kit includes a USB or Ethernet Control 1U platform in order to operate the XY2/100 galvo kit. Nutfield Tech’s Pipeline Scan Controller will synchronize and enhance the management the OEM Universal Laser and the operation of the scan head functions. The Pipeline Scan Controller will also include input and output interfaces and protective circuits for a safer and more successful result. The CO2 Laser Kit will also allow for alignment requirements to be minimized due to a center line optical path presented through the scan head. The kit has the extra benefit of mix-and-match scan heads and f-theta lenses.

Nutfield Tech’s comprehensive CO2 Laser Kit provides individuals with a Pipeline GUI, the robust WaveRunner Scan Control Software that will support all application requirements. This software is completely free to download. Nutfield’s laser kit will conveniently provide all individuals with access to the required data and power cords.

With all of Nutfield Tech’s incredible CO2 Laser Kit components, such as the laser mounting platform, scan head, beam expander and lens assembly, all integrated with Nutfield’s scan control software and hardware, it is evident that this CO2 Laser Kit is top of the line.

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Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing advanced galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, laser kits, and scan control software and hardware since 1997. As the one-stop for laser scanning solutions, Nutfield Technology has a full product line ideally suited for all laser scanning applications. Nutfield Technology is located in Hudson, New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston with representation in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more details visit us at:
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