Cannabliss Reports Pittsburgh City Decriminalizes Marijuana

Cannabliss: Pittsburgh City Council has approved legislation decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

Coconut Creek, FL, January 10, 2016 --( Cannabliss, the Florida-based wholesale distributor of medical and legal recreational marijuana products has welcomed news that Pittsburgh City Council has approved legislation that means that people found in possession of small amounts of marijuana will no longer be automatically sent to prison.

Amounts of 30 grams or less will no longer result in prison time but officers on the ground have the option to issue a citation and to impose a fine of between $25 and $100.

“This is a major improvement on the current 30-day prison terms and $500 fine,” explained Brad Flint, press spokesperson for Cannabliss. “In light of recent news that two advocacy groups have suspended their campaigns to propose amendments to Florida’s state constitution that would fully legalize marijuana here, it will be some time before we can celebrate a development like that in Pittsburgh but we take heart that the movement is continuing to gather support across the country.”

Pittsburgh City Council’s reformation may have its roots in economic expediency. 40% of drug-related arrests in the city are for small amounts of marijuana and the cost of charging and prisoning offenders could be best deployed on more serious crimes.

One council member voted against the bill saying a yes vote would directly contradict the law of the state of Pennsylvania.

“We understand that attitudes will take time to change after so many years but we’ve waited this long and the research is reinforcing our argument each and every year,” said Flint.

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