South Florida Tech Startup OnePlan Welcomes First Users

OnePlan has begun onboarding the first users of its productivity and analytics system.

Hollywood, FL, January 10, 2016 --( South Florida’s OnePlan, a local tech start-up has begun “onboarding” its first users, which include various web development firms. Several other companies are interested in OnePlan and will become part of the user base in the next few months. “We are going to slowly onboard more companies and users during the first quarter of 2016,” stated Daniel Nemzer, CEO of OnePlan. “As we scale up, we are taking extra time with each new user so that we can have steady growth accommodation. We’ll also be bringing high-paying tech jobs to our area.”

Onboarding is the process of quickly training and familiarizing users with a new system or software.

The concept behind OnePlan is simple. Many companies quote and provide services based on estimating time-frames to completion. This makes estimates extremely important and as of now, not an exact science, leading to micro-management and making employees become overwhelmed with assigned work.

OnePlan is able to provide the analytics necessary to assist teams in maximizing their potential. Through engagement with the system, teams are able to know what tasks are feasible by their cost, time-frame, and forecasted quality, allowing teams to make better calculated decisions about their objectives.

OnePlan designed a system that is simple, which employees will intuitively want to use, while at the same time learning work patterns and getting to ‘know’ each employee, to help them become far more productive without being obtrusive. The system tracks behaviors and tasks, but never personal or confidential information.

About OnePlan -

OnePlan is a seamless daily planner that works with your team throughout the day. While maintaining the same look and feel of programs that are commonly used, OnePlan uses intelligence and non-invasive trigger points to pick up on behavioral patterns. By incorporating employee engagement to the system, OnePlan is able to increase productivity and give managers and principals a highly accurate view on budgets and time allotments for deliverables.
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