Goodrich International Unveils New High-Tech "Head Light Shoes"

Don't be surprised when Goodrich’s new high-tech High Beam Shoes, start showing up in your neck of the woods. The New “Head Light” Shoes won’t be available until March, but they are already creating quite a buzz.

Dallas, TX, January 10, 2016 --( Goodrich’s new High Beam shoes go for a spin.

"Head light shoes" used to be employed as a phrase to describe footwear that would go well with a uniform, like Police officers. However, if Goodrich International has its way, the term is about to be hijacked and redefined to describe a pair of indispensable sneakers that can take user's anywhere and, thanks to the patented, built in light system, and the “next generation” of RF remote controlled headlights, Consumers of all ages, from 2 to seniors will be able to explore, ride bikes, walk trails, run, and walk in low light situations with confidence and safety.

The heavily customized High Beam sneakers, unveiled at the ABC Convention, in Las Vegas in Late 2015, feature many of the internal workings of a super powered flashlight - but they also are built with quality in mind.

There are many reasons behind Goodrich International’s shoe concept. One of which is to get people talking about High Beam Shoes, but the strange objects also highlights the changing relationship people are about to have with objects as the functionality of things begins to find a foothold within consumer technology.

The release of the High Beams Shoes (Kids version), in March 2016, features user controlled headlights, with the push of a button in the tongue of the shoe, and a second click will allow the headlights to blink for safety when riding bikes, or trick or treating.

In April 2016, The Adult version will be released. The Adult version features super powered lights, and are rechargeable. The Senior shoes feature a remote control, (like a key Fob for your car), that can easily be carried around the wrist or neck, so that seniors do not have to bend over to turn the lights on in dark situations, like hallways or stairs in the movie theaters.

The shoes are also meant to be a wake-up call for the shoe industry as a whole, to show how you can have comfort and utility in a shoe at a reasonable price. Goodrich plans to release other versions for Running, hunting, and a military version that includes a intense red light to prevent night blindness.
High Beam Shoes
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