On Time Cable CEO, Donald Chew Announces Launch Date for Service in U.S.

Donald Chew's On-Time Communications is ready to allow customers to try it's new device that will offer customers across the U.S that will provide its customers with the best customer service experience. He has plans on placing this product in the every household in the US for free. The MOTI device allows you to access the internet and cable tv without any wires. On-Time is offering customers the chance to pre-order now only available through the companies website.

Cape Coral, FL, January 11, 2016 --(PR.com)-- On-Time Cable has been working on a way to enter the cable TV market, and are one step closer. On-Time said it will release a product that will make unhappy cable customers very happy, and on May 1, 2016, On-Time said it will release a product that will soon be available to everyone around the world that includes cable.

On-Time’s device "Moti” is universal and will work with any TV. The secret ingredient on this device is one button. The enhanced version of the device will have more features that you wouldn’t believe. No cords, No Installers, and will work on all TV’s as On-Time introduced in late 2015. To gain customer traction and to get people using the device, On-Time said they will offer the device only on it’s website. "We want our future customers to pre-order a plan and to test the device for free, but it’s definitely a problem solver," On-Time CEO Donald Chew, said in a statement.

The new device looks like a remote. For instance, they all have the familiar buttons as seen on most. But they also come with touch-specific features, including a special "button" that lets you communicate in voice or text from anywhere in the world. "This is whats going to set On-Time apart from our competitors and give us a huge edge in customer service," Chew said.

It's part of On-Time CEO Donald Chew’s ongoing strategy to transition the company into the cable industry. On-Time has developed a solution to solve a huge problem in the industry, and in the process created a platform for the future of cable. As monopolies continue to dominate the market, On-Time simply wants to ensure its device will get used.

This device as stated earlier has many uses, but the first phase of this is the key. But On-Time understands that a lot of people want to be appreciated the old-fashioned way. For them, On-Time will release a new version of the MOTI, in the second half of the year that will have some great features and will have worldwide reach.

“This device can become the biggest, simplest solution, that can have multiple uses and have several different revenue streams with very low margins,” Chew says. On-Time, Chew feels his company can catch on in a big way, with people spreading the word, coupled with smart marketing.

On-Time CEO, Donald Chew states, "I am positive cable customers throughout the country will have an experience with us that will make them extremely happy." If customers are so frustrated then they simply have to act. "That's why we are going to allow customers to pre-order beginning now, and by the time we officially launch on May 1, 2016 we should have analyzed plenty of data and be able to deliver great value, Chew said in a statement."

Finally, Chew states that he has truly enjoyed building this company, and this is only the beginning. Chew also went on to say, "We have to stick to the plan and continue to implement the company’s strategic plan in two parts. First, we have to get this device into the hands of potential customers so we are going to give the device away for free, and second, later this year offer cable service that will be controlled through the MOTI device. There have been and will continue to be some restless nights and more to come, but states he is always up for the challenge. There are some great companies out there, but we are simply trying to provide the best customer service out there."

Chew, stated that he is really excited about this venture as there has been a lot of work put into this process, and feels extremely optimistic about the direction and the future of the company. Lastly, "I am excited for the customers, because they have another competitor coming to the market," Chew stated. Donald Chew has previously served as CEO of several companies Lifting Possibilities, Inc., ReAssurance Health, Inc., and Donald Chew and Associates which he started when he was only 19 years old.

Donald Chew also grew up in Chicago’s Englewood community, is a product of Harvey, IL and is a graduate of Thornton Township high. He graduated from Bethel College in Kansas, where he earned two degrees Business Administration and Accounting and earned his MBA from Concordia College and University in 2012.
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