On-Time Cable Announces Big Plan to Hire 500 Staff for Call Center

On-Time Cable has plans to hire 500 customer service professionals for its internal call center, which gives the company the means to dramatically improve customer service in the cable industry. Wages plan to range from $10-12 per hour.

Cape Coral, FL, January 12, 2016 --(PR.com)-- On-Time Communications, a new company and provider of wireless internet and cable service, today announced that it plans to hire 500 staff for its contact center. The On-Time call center, gives the company the means to dramatically impact customer service. "The company's plan is to start interviews in late March 2016 and be ready for when the company goes live on May 1, 2016," Donald Chew, CEO said in a statement.

“With the Call Center, On-Time, clients will enjoy faster more accurate customer service, superfast response times, one person to solve any issue that the customer encounters, increased productivity and reduced costs,” said Donald Chew, Chief Executive Officer, On-Time Communications, Inc. "On-Time Cable looks forward to simplifying the long, expansive process that the current cable customers engage in today to help clients maximize the value of each customer interaction. At the same time On-Time can offer a decent wage for staff allowing them to be able to provide a little bit better for their families," Chew added.

On-Time Cables' call center will be built for response designed specifically for the device the MOTI. The MOTI device allows for customers to access the internet and cable service without any wires. Everything comes through the MOTI device which is a remote. Introduced late last year, MOTI, allows customers to easily customize their cable plan. Updates will automatically be sent to the customers MOTI device, enabling On-Time to deliver specific offerings for each customer while still maintaining the low output of running a multi-user platform.

On-Times' Call Center comes with a full suite of call center enhancements including a cloud software solution that easily integrates with cloud workforce management software, SMS messaging, social media, speech analytics, customer experience self-service, back office integration and more.

“On-Time is a new company, and want to be recognized for an outstanding commitment to customer experience and interaction solutions,” said Donald Chew, CEO, On-Time Communications, Inc. As cable companies seem to get larger and more expensive, they have forgot about what is important and why they are in business. On-Time wants the customer to know that they do have a choice. If current cable customers are frustrated with their current cable provider or do not have one, no matter where you are in the U.S. please know that “MOTI is unlike any other offering on today’s market, and when customers select On-Time to become their new cable provider, On-Time Communications, Inc. wants to be equipped to deliver the best possible customer experience, differentiating themselves in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.”

Chew also stated that "customers can pre-order their plan and device only on the companies website."

About On-Time
Established in 2013, On-Time is a new Cable TV/Internet company that is positioning itself to disrupt the more than $2 trillion industry by providing a revolutionary, engaging platform for a diverse but frustrated cable customer population. Market research supports the vision and a strong strategic plan is in place. On-Time Communications was founded with with the customer in mind. On-Time is currently looking for a location and plans to locate in Cape Coral, FL as well as similar centers to be established across the U.S.

For additional information, please visit www.ontimecommunications.co
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