ISPreview Study Finds Many UK Broadband Users Planning to Swap ISP

The latest survey of over 1,200 Internet connected consumers in the United Kingdom has revealed that concerns over service price and connection speeds are driving 39% of people to consider switching broadband ISP in 2016. But only a much smaller portion will ever actually take that path.

London, United Kingdom, January 13, 2016 --( It's the start of a New Year and as such has surveyed 1,200 UK Internet users and reported that 39% consider themselves to be "Very Likely" to switch their Internet provider in 2016 (30% answered "Very Unlikely" and 31% were "Undecided"), although only a much smaller proportion will ever actually jump ship.

Respondents to the survey were also asked whether or not the quality of their current broadband provider had improved over the past year and 67% said "No", while 20% said "Yes" and 13% were simply undecided. The respondents were then asked to identify which aspects of service their ISP did Best and Worst.

Which of these does your ISP do Best?
Reliability - 32.3%
Price - 31.5%
Internet Speed - 24.8%
Support - 11.2%

Which of these does your ISP do Worst?
Price - 33.9%
Internet Speed - 26.1%
Support - 24.5%
Reliability - 15.3%

"It's interesting to note that consumers appear to be quite split over their picks for the Best and Worst aspect of service, with no one service aspect achieving absolute dominance over the others," said's Founder, Mark Jackson. "On the other hand we note that 'Price' topped the 'Worst' table, which is interesting because not so long ago 'Internet Speeds' would have been the top bugbear. Perhaps the on-going improvements to our national infrastructure are finally paying off."

"Elsewhere 39% still considered themselves to be 'Very Likely' to switch ISP over the coming year. However what consumers expect they might do and what they actually end up doing are often two very different things. Data collected for Ofcom's Switching Tracker between 27th July to 25th August 2015, which has been supplied to, found that 52% of respondents have never switched fixed broadband provider and only 10% had switched in the past 12 months," concluded Jackson.
Mark Jackson