ProstaPlast LLC Presents Transdermal Urological Plasters on the European Market

ProstaPlast LLC presented transdermal urological plasters on the European Market.

Miami, FL, January 13, 2016 --( ProstaPlast LLC based in Miami, Florida, presented transdermal urological plasters on the European Market. According to the clinical tests, which took place in Netherlands at the Medical Faculty of University of Amsterdam in 2013, around 95% of the men share improved condition after several days of using the plasters, and more than 50% of the participants achieved full recovery. More than 1,000 men experiencing various urinary problems participated in the tests and all of them were using Chinese urological plasters Prostaplast for 3 weeks.

According to the official website, the Chinese urological plasters ProstaPlast contain extracts from 7 healing herbs:

Bars Camphor (Borneol) - relieves pain, improves circulation and has anti-inflammatory features.

Cinnamon - improves blood circulation, enhances libido and sex drive in men, and also has powerful antiseptic features that help to prevent prostatitis.

Ligusticum Chuanxiong - a plant with antispasmodic, calmative and antithrombotic features. It is used for bladder inflammation treatment, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, cracks, constipation and impotency.

Achyrantes Bidentata - it refreshes and renews the immune power of the body, and in the same time it has antidiuretic features.

Safflower - a plant, used for urinating problems treatment and prostate problems. It is used as transporter of healing substances to deep layers of skin.

Corydalis Ambigua - it has toning, diuretic and analgesic features. It is used for relieving crotch, groins and scrotum pain.

Plantago Asiatica - it is used for alleviating problems concerning urination and inflammation of the urinary tract. It also helps to increase and improve blood circulation and maintain harder and more sustainable erections.

Until now, ProstaPlast was mainly promoted in USA, but it will be presented on the European market in the next couple of weeks.
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