The BP Group Introduces “SPG” Also Known as Special Projects Group

The Special Projects Group is BP Mechanical’s newest addition focusing on design and build

Glendale, NY, January 14, 2016 --( The BP Group's newest addition, Special Projects Group, is placed within the BP Mechanical division, where professionals work to execute newly BP designed HVAC projects. SPG is the “one-stop shop” that eliminates the chain a machine has to go through when a project goes through a larger organization. This chain could include six degrees of separation, but with SPG, all tasks that go into a project are done efficiently and are cost-effective.

Through SPG’s engineering, estimating, design, procurement, project management, and commissioning, The BP Group can collaborate with its clients’ to get the job done, resulting in a seamless experience.

SPG is referred to as a seamless experience because its focus is on building a mechanical project while finding a design solution that meets the needs of the project. Engineers are available for clients to schedule a consultation, including finding a solution to the application and having the project engineered, filed and constructed.

User experience and client satisfaction is a priority for The BP Group. “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark,” says Jeffrey Pleszewicz, Project Executive of SPG.

After a project is completed, one of the main goals of SPG is to be the “go to” for the clients’ future projects. Robert Barbera and John Losey of The BP Group know the importance of creating relationships through direct lines of communication and trust, being that Barbera and Losey built The BP Group through their personal relationship.

As one of the top mechanical companies in the NY metro area, The BP Group wants to build the reputation of SPG, as well as all of the arms of The BP Group. SPG plans to consistently deliver its expertise, professionalism, reliability, and accessibility.
The BP Group
Jeff Pleszewicz, Project Executive of SPG
718 383 2100