Fresno Author Releases Third Book in Series; Prepares for Book in New Series - Sneak Peek

Elle Pepper, a local Fresno Author has released three books in the "Flag of Bones" series, (The shallows, the Deeps, The lost isle) And is now prepared to tell her readers about the new book she hopes to debut in 2017.

Fresno, CA, January 13, 2016 --( Elle Pepper is perhaps best known for her pirate stories "The Flag of Bones" series about the dashing Captain Jalen Shenn. She has confirmed that she is debuting a new series. While she is rather hush-hush about it, not wanting to give away too much, she will say this:

"The working title so far is Inkwalker: City of the moon. And it is a book about a world where magic exists. I know, big surprise. But this isn't the type of magic from Flag of Bones, this is a system based on Alchemy. It is a gear-punk fantasy that touches on love, loyalty and appearance versus reality."

She wouldn't get into any more details that she felt were fit for release, but I can say it sounds like an interesting book from Elle Pepper, which makes her fifth fiction release.

All of her books can be ordered wherever books are sold and are available through
Elle Pepper
Laura Milanovich