President of The Personal CFO, Inc Says That Market Risk is Not the Most Important Risk to Investors

Author David Disraeli and prominent financial advisers says that identity theft and the risk of losing assets to a judgment creditor may be more important than market risk.

Austin, TX, January 15, 2016 --( David Disraeli, President of The Personal CFO says that although market, inflation and income taxes are serious obstacles to future lifestyles, there are other risks that are most often unaddressed, but could be devastating. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated every day. Identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, not a day goes by without the media announce that Target or some huge institution like the Department of Defense has be breached and thousands of social security numbers have been stolen.

In addition, most financial planners fail to plan for the possibility that a client may be sued and have their hard earned money going to a perfect.stranger. Fortunately there are a number of easy tools and techniques to make oneself judgment proof or at least judgment resistant.

Identity theft is not only related to financial transactions. A crime could be committed in someone's name without them knowing it until they are arrested. There is also medical fraud where criminals are using someone else's identity to obtain medical care and taint the victims' medical history.

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