IncognIt.Travel – A New Compact VPN Router

IncogniTeam Company has started a crowdfunding campaign for IncognIt.Travel router. This is the first compact VPN router working with 802.11ac standard and supporting Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G connection to the Internet.

Tallinn, Estonia, January 15, 2016 --( IncognIt.Travel is a package solution to the problems of privacy and security for Internet connection via public networks. Multiple options of Internet connection (Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G) allow you to feel as safe as at home, wherever you are – at the cafe, on a business-trip, on holiday or in a journey.

IncognIt.Travel is automatically connected to VPN servers. Built-in VPN service does not require any configuration either of the router itself or end devices.

IncognIt.Travel has the best technical characteristics in its class at present:
- Concurrent dual-band 2.4/5 GHz.
- 802.11 b/g/n/ac.
- Speed up to 300+150 Mbit/s.
- LAN-port 100 Mbit/s.
- USB 2.0.

IncognIt.Travel VPN router enables you to:
- Connect to the Internet privately and securely via public Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G/LTE.
- Create your own Wi-Fi network, even if you have only Ethernet or 4G connection to the Internet.
- Connect all your devices to this private and secure Wi-Fi network regardless of their type and OS.
- Securely protect all your data traffic against strangers’ eyes and hackers.
- Open your favorite websites no matter where you are, even if they were blocked or geographically restricted.
- Surf dark web resources (Tor or I2P) over VPN without any software installation.

This router is a new word in VPN technologies, privacy and security of Internet connection via public networks.

IncogniTeam Company is registered in Estonia.

We have created an international team coming from different countries – Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, China, etc. The Internet enabled us to bring together great engineers, software developers, designers and translators to make the kind of VPN that we would like to use ourselves – without complicated settings, without any restrictions on the number and type of devices, without speed losses, without anything that may seem unnecessary.
We started with the development of a stationary, home version of the VPN-router IncognIt.Home. It has already gone into production and it will be on sale in February, 2016.

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Evgenii Ekhilevskii
+372 5 735-84-80