Cute Shrinkabull Bulldog Puppy Pees on Justin Bieber's Shoes on Music Video Shoot

Shrinkabull's Ace Jr. accidentally relieved himself on singer Justin's Bieber's golden shoes during a music video shoot, but the singer was good about it.

Los Angeles, CA, January 15, 2016 --( When the Poo Bear music video "Work For It" made a casting call for a cute, wrinkly Bulldog puppy, Shrinkabull's answered the call with "Shrinkabull's Ace Up My Sleeve," a rare blue tri bulldog puppy. Although the video features Tyga, King Bach, Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Soulja Boy Tell Em, and Khalil Underwood, this super cute bulldog puppy would be featured alongside Justin Bieber.

At around the 2:39 mark on the video, Justin Bieber can be seen being measured by a seamstress with this little Bulldog puppy by his golden colored sneakers. On October 16, 2014 while filming on set, however, the puppy actually had a little accident right by those shoes. Bieber was a great sport, though.

Thankfully, celebrity dog handler Abe Ward was there to whisk the AKC blue English Bulldog puppy off and get him cleaned up for the next shot. Shrinkabull's English Bulldogs offers beautiful, pure-bred English Bulldog puppies both to have as pets as well as to use in television, movies, and music videos.

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