Demons Rising the Movie

Announcing Demons Rising the Movie: The Horror Action Thriller of 2008

Burbank, CA, December 23, 2007 --( Cinema Lexzikon’s Demons Rising completed its principal photography in Columbus Ohio.

EJ Toxey and Rebecca Moore star in the title roles of Demons Rising, which brings an action packed punch to the popular thriller genre. The film is directed by William Lee (Soulripperz and Code:Black) and produced by Paula Lee. The screenplay was adapted from a story by William Lee and Harlow Keith. David Szymusiak and Harlow Keith are the executive producers.

Demons Rising follows Kyle Rush (Toxey) and Alia Storm's (Moore) plight when an ancient book so evil, that merely reading certain passages one could become possessed, falls into the wrong hands. Filled with fast pace action, world-class stunts and zombies everywhere, Demons Rising is sure to be on its way to becoming a cult classic.

The film also stars a talented and diverse group of actors, including: Cheyenne King as Breaker, Hermione Gehl as Michelle, Talisha Battle as Kato, Susan Martin as Norita, David Yoshida as Nakudo, and Lee Thomas as Kenzu Atwah.

The outstanding team behind the scenes includes director of photography Andrew Martin, with Chris Cowlan, Melissa O’Toole, Kathryn Criston, Brian David Robinson and Stunt master Rick Shaw rounding off the ensemble.

Demons Rising's music score is being composed by Stephen Akina, from Special Blend Music, and the soundtrack will feature hip-hop and rock artists such as Xfactor1 and Cool Rey.

The movie has an April 4, 2008 release date.

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