Gothic Dog Delivers Diamonds to Dogs This Christmas, Naughty or Nice

Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs with Diamonds from Gothic Dog.

Orange County, CA, December 23, 2007 --( Christmas trees ... seasonal plants ... candles ... holiday food ... gifts ... and, decorations: there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning for and around the whole family, including the family pet, during the Holiday Season. But after safety concerns are addressed, pet owners are focusing on another matter which, for many, simply cannot be overlooked -- the contents of their favorite family member’s stocking.

As pet owners work their way through Christmas lists -- and, no, no reminders here that Christmas is a mere few days away. They pay great attention to the one who never fails to provide support, unconditional love and, in the case of their canine friends, a wagging tail.

In the ever-expanding pet consumer goods market, many owners now feel that their pet deserves a festive Christmas present. Doting pet owners have spent some three-plus billion dollars this Holiday Season on pet indulgences, including, yes, jewelry for faithful companions. As Santa's Ho Ho Ho recedes into the distance, many homes echo with the Ruff Ruff Ruff of delighted pets. As Jennifer Barber, of pet jewelry purveyor, Gothic Dog, said: "Nothing says Joyeux Noel like bling! For pets or people!" Barber's company will even adorn a beloved pooch with a custom made and custom sized 6-carat diamond Red Carpet Collar for that special holiday party, or customize one of Gothic Dog's skull-and-crossbones charms with red rubies and green emeralds to celebrate the Christmas Season.

Beautiful jewelry, doggie spas, increasingly exotic food and beverage choices: it's all part of the evermore decadent pet marketplace. James Thurber once wrote that dogs were much more likely to go to Heaven than people; if the trend toward worldly indulgences continues to "go to the dogs," it seems that many pets will think that Heaven has come to them on Earth. For more on such heavenly gems for dogs, please visit the Gothic Dog Online Boutique.

Alison Longyear