Class Act Books Releases Romantic Duo in January

Port Townsend, WA, January 17, 2016 --( Class Act Books releases for January are romances by two of its veteran authors.

"Love is Silent," by Icy Snow Blackstone, is set in the early 19th century, expounding on the problems involved with teaching the deaf.

Though sign language had been known in Great Britain as early as 1570, there were no set methods for teaching those who couldn’t hear. Parents were expected to accept that having a deaf child was retribution from God for some transgression.

That changed in 1760 when Thomas Braidwood, a teacher from Edinburgh, founded Braidwoods’ Academy for the Deaf and Dumb, the first school for the deaf in the kingdom. Braidwood taught the children of some very influential people and several of his pupils trained as teachers and later opened their own schools.

In Love is Silent, Anna Leighton is hired to teach Lady Eleanor Wood’s younger brother how to sign. A competency hearing is pending against His Lordship, filed by a greedy cousin intent on stealing his inheritance, and Anna has only a short time to enable him to communicate. An impediment appears when Lord David himself falls in love with his teacher and Anna finds herself returning his affection.

This Regency romance is set in a period of manners and artifice, when young men were well-mannered, well-spoken, and expected to have survived a series of affairs before settling into marriage, as well as enjoying the lesser vices of 19th century society. David has experienced none of that and now the question is…will Anna survive the scandal if it’s discovered what she and her pupil have done?

Icy Snow Blackstone is the author of ten romances. All have been published by Class Act Books.

January’s second offering is Escaping Jeremy by Bob Young. Set in the mid-1950’s with flashbacks to the mid-World War II era, this romance tells the story of a teacher and his effect on the female high school students in his classes. As depicted through the point of view of Cari, the main character, Jeremy Raines is charismatic but manipulative, an opportunist who takes advantage of his position to maneuver his students into compromising positions they don’t dare confess to anyone. Set in New York state, the story also explores the double standard sexual laws of the time which placed the onus of any misconduct on the female involved.

Not daring to tell anyone what has happened, Cari discovers a way to fight back which won’t reflect on her character but will capture Raines in a trap of his own making.

Bob Young is the author of two more romance set in the World War II/post-war era, both of which have been published by Class Act Books.

This April, Class Act Books will celebrating its third year under new ownership. It publishes all genres of fiction, with emphasis on romance and fantasy.
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Toni V. Sweeney