Christmas Not Christian? Evangelical Author Publishes Book That Encourages Believers to Abstain from Celebrating Christmas

Announcing the release of a newly published book that discusses the controversial practice of Christians abstaining from celebrating Christmas, entitled, "... But I LIKE Shiny ... A Biblical Critique of Christmas"

Calgary, AB, Canada, December 24, 2007 --( Canadian Evangelical author and biblical scholar, Rosanna Evans, has caused a stir in the Christian community by writing a book that denounces the practice of keeping Christmas as “pagan and un-Christian”.

Over the years as Rosanna studied the Bible, Christian history, and archeology, in both private and academic settings, she became convinced that the observance of Christmas and other “ecclesial” holy days was actually anti-biblical. Armed with this information, she and her husband felt compelled to share this information with the greater Christian community. Certainly, this has resulted in a bit of controversy.

Mrs. Evans recalls: “Once we realized that Christmas was a later invention of the hierarchy in the church that was adapted from pagan celebrations, we felt obligated to share this knowledge with our fellow believers. Naïvely, we thought our message would be readily received by the Christian community. We soon found out that while some were willing to embrace the information we shared, most Evangelical Christians were more interested in keeping tradition than listening to the Bible in context.”

The author decided to publish the book so that more people would consider the premise that Christmas might not be something that Christians should indulge in – and the information found in the book does have an impact. In fact, the first part of the book’s title, “…But I LIKE Shiny…” was borne out of a comment a fellow believer made when he finally ran out of reasons to continue to keep observing the holiday, based on the evidence found in the book.

Rosanna Evans is a wife and mother who concurrently works as an off-site medical transcriptionist and a call centre person at a funeral home. She lives in Calgary, AB, Canada with Bill, her husband of almost 25 years, and their son, Bill Jr.; their daughter, Tabitha and her husband, Brad, live close by. Rosanna received her BAR as a Biblical Scholar in 2001 from Rocky Mountain Bible College in Calgary and is currently working on her Master’s degree of Divinity through Trinity School of Apologetics via distance education. Rosanna’s book, “… But I LIKE Shiny … A Biblical Critique of Christmas”, can be found at is the premier marketplace for digital content on the Internet, with over 300,000 recently published titles, and more than 4,000 new titles added each week, created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by enabling the creators of books, video, periodicals, multimedia and other content to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control. With Lulu offices in the US, Canada the UK and Europe, Lulu customers can reach the globe.

Rosanna Evans