Musotica is Valentines Ready, Are You?

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2016 --( 'Tis the season for “amore.” It's come around again this year and it's time to get Valentines gifts. Musotica has their clients covered. There are a ton of new options for Musoticas clients to enjoy this season of love.

Nothing says “The wedding is soon and it's exciting” like sexy bridal lingerie. It's a fantastic way to celebrate upcoming nuptials. Musotica has a new wide selection to say it in their clients personal voices.

If clients aren't quite at the aisle yet, Musotica has resources to explore something a little more kinky as couples find out more about themselves. As the Valentine season approaches there are more options for couples looking to expand their personal experiences.

Sarah Wallner, celebrity stylist and CEO of Musotica says, "She's a lady and she's a sexy princess, get her a sweeping robe or long dress to express the classiness she exudes."

Musotica wants clients to have a Christmas morning reaction when they open their gifts, that's why the Musotica lingerie line has individual styles that have expanded into the universe, with the release of movies like Star Wars, the lingerie that is carried is now inspired by franchises like this one.

And of course, Musotica has expanded it's tights collection because as Wallner says, “every sexy lingerie set needs a little something extra to strip off.”

This Valentines is sure to be full of unique, sexy, and individual pieces from Musotica.
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