Financial Technology Startup OnTrajectory Launches

New York, NY, January 20, 2016 --( is a financial technology startup that has created a high-fidelity financial planner that maps out users’ financial trajectories using income(s), investments, assets, and expenses all in one graph displaying a user's financial future. The software is fully functional via web browsers on computers and tablets. OnTrajectory is accessible through a smartphone but not encouraged for use after quickly signing up. Sign-up is easy and users answer just four quick questions to get started. From there, users can continue entering monthly and yearly data to create a high-fidelity graph of their financial future.

OnTrajectory is only for simulation purposes and doesn’t change or touch any existing financial accounts – meaning, users get to “play” with their money, and not have any repercussions, which is good. Once a user has all their data in, that’s when it’s best to see how one can start maximizing their money and building toward retirement. OnTrajectory supports and encourages the vision and goal of being on FIRE or Financially Independent to Retire Early and is incorporating a knowledge base in their blog to help users with that.
Most retirement calculators and investment calculators are separate, and can be difficult to manage in tandem. With OnTrajectory, all of users’ financial data is aggregated together under one application and displayed through their trajectory. OnTrajectory’s users don't have to worry about entering in private account information either, which separates it from many other options.

Having good data is very important, and to get the most accurate trajectory, users are best served by entering all their account balances, interest rates, and monthly/yearly expenses. Users can project their trajectories in the immediate future, in several years, and for as long as a human can live.

OnTrajectory is friendly to folks with families and allows for the additions of family members and/or dependents to a user’s trajectory. Users can create savings plans and goals for future purchases, make unexpected emergency funds, and run different financial simulations for “what if” scenarios. For more advanced simulations, OnTrajectory has Monte Carlo and a special Historical analysis.

OnTrajectory's team currently consists six people. Of the six, CEO Tyson Koska and two other technical co-founders from the financial industry are the software engineers working behind-the-scenes. The team also has a serial entrepreneur, Director of Marketing Carl Potak, Director of Community Relations Daniel Kahn, and Video Producer Christopher Yeiser.

Alley Watch, a NYC “Silicon Alley” publication, featured a Question and Answer article they had with OnTrajectory on January 11th, 2016. Since then, OnTrajectory has reached over 800 registered users.

Financial journalist Darrow Kirkpatrick from had this to say: "The initial setup was simple. The user interface is very attractive and intuitive. It feels like they’ve achieved a low barrier to entry... OnTrajectory is in the sweet spot that appeals to me. The site has a slick look and many nice touches." Barbara Friedberg, a financial journalist, founder of Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance and author of "Invest and Beat the Pros" endorsed OnTrajectory saying: "(It's a) very consumer friendly and useful tool... Concept is great... I like that it's not necessarily just a retirement tool... graphs, charts easy to interpret."
Tyson Koska
Alternative: Carl Potak via or 516-426-8432