Aruba International Airport Inaugurates Extension of Aruba Happy Flow

Passengers are already clearing immigration through the newly expanded Automated Border Control solution with more state-of-the-art eGates serving both Arrivals and Departures

Oranjestad, Aruba, January 21, 2016 --( Passengers traveling through Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport) have surely noticed great changes in the last months. It has been almost a year since Aruba Happy Flow pilot project, the first 100% self-service passenger flow ever, has been operational at the Airport, with extremely positive results: passengers from 28 different countries have already testified this unique contactless experience, responsible for a fast and convenient passenger processing, decreased waiting times and certainly a more relaxed journey for passengers.

To take further advantage of the potential of the ABC technology available today and get even better results in the scope of this modernization program, the Aruba Airport Authority (AAA), manager and operator of the Aruba Airport, has decided to expand the solution at both Arrivals and Departures with new Automated Border Control eGates. The goal is to streamline even more the flow of all passengers, especially during the peak tourist seasons. The ABC eGates in operation alongside the Aruba Happy Flow eGates at Arrivals have already processed to date more than 130,000 passengers from 33 different countries.

Also in December, a dedicated Automated Border Control area was inaugurated for USA Departures, to address the increasing flow of American passengers who see Aruba as an attractive touristic destination. These new eGates are already offering them a seamless immigration process, with no queues and no hassle – since the inauguration, more than 20,000 passengers have already been processed!

For the Aruba Immigration Services (IASA), this upgrade means a significant enhancement of security levels as they are relying on secure and robust common-use biometric passenger touch points and a powerful software suite integrating the entire infrastructure and monitoring all passenger operations. Integrated with IASA’s system, a full-fledged management platform allows operating officers to monitor all Automated Border Control eGates through a smartphone, supervising all operations and passenger processing status, biometric captures, identification document security features and authentication response, results of background checks, VISA status, among other possibilities.

Furthermore, this innovative inspector software integrates data related to the announced digital Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card), a new convenient and green alternative to the existing paper version, which can be easily completed by the passengers with the required information before embarking on their journey. This means that, as soon as this digital document becomes mandatory, the ABC eGates will only clear passengers upon Arrival that have successfully submitted their ED-card, in addition to all the checks already being performed.

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, remarks: “Aruba is riding the crest of the wave of passenger experience! Having given stage to the first ever 100% self-service passenger journey, Queen Beatrix International Airport is having the privilege to feel what Aruba Happy Flow is about: happy, returning passengers. Adding the recent expansion of eGates is just a natural step towards increased efficiency, safety and a welcoming passenger-friendly airport. At Vision-Box we are really proud to have embarked on this life-changing journey!”

About Vision-Box

Founded in 2001, Vision-Box is the leading provider of electronic identity solutions, intelligent security management, and automated border control systems that use ICAO compliant standards.

The border control portfolio aimed at airports, airlines and Immigration authorities, includes solutions addressing a variety of business scenarios, namely security check-points and self-boarding and automated border control smart biometric eGates.

Every second, millions of images are being captured and processed by Vision-Box systems, installed right at the heart of the most prestigious organizations, who trust our biometric identity and digital video management solutions for their critical applications.

Covering the entire ID management life cycle, Vision-Box delivers, to governments and issuing authorities, solutions ranging from live biometric enrolment stations, document verification kiosks and digital document dispensers through to personalization systems.

From the enrolment process, through the life cycle process of a biometric document and finally to the verification and identification process, all products are linked together through a powerful IT-platform, vb i-shield. Vision-Box’s vb i-shield, which enables the implementation of an advanced border management system, also integrates with advanced digital video management solutions, intelligent biometric and biographic search engines and danger management functionalities.

Vision-Box operates automated borders in more than 60 international airports and has over 3000 electronic identity systems deployed across the globe.
Catarina Meleiro
Communication Manager