Launches New Blackjack Game

Online gaming giant introduces a new addition to their arsenal of online casino games, Super Sides Blackjack.

Toronto, Canada, December 24, 2007 --( has announced the launching of their new 8-game blackjack suite. These games were designed to attract a variety of types of player, and to capitalize on the extreme popularity of blackjack among online players.

Players may play 1 of 4 traditional blackjack games (multi deck, single deck, multi deck premium, or single deck premium) or 1 of 4 Super Sides Blackjack games. Traditional players will enjoy the new multi deck regular games because they may play 5 hands at a time instead of 3, and because the game deals at a brisk pace and is very easy to play. Players also have new options such as doubling down after splitting.

Players will love the Super Sides version because they may place up to 5 side bets that can win them up to 2000-1. For instance, they can play the Crazy Sevens bet and if they get 2 suited sevens dealt to them, they will win 100-1, 3 suited sevens pay 2000-1. Players will enjoy the chance at winning more than they normally could at blackjack.

Game Highlights:

* Play 1 to 5 hands at a time

* Regular or Premium bet limits

* Single deck or 6-deck

* Royal payouts for King / Queen suited up to 200-1

* 1, 2 or 3 Sevens get super payouts up to 2000-1

* Every pair wins, whether you split or not. Pays 11-1

* Big payouts on every Blackjack. Pays 17-1

* Improved game-play and game speed anticipates these games will be very popular. There is no better blackjack online, and you can't find these games anywhere else. To try these exciting, new Blackjack games, go to

Frank Milazzo