Ecosmob Technologies Announced Custom VoIP Softswitch Development Services to ITSPs

Ecosmob Technologies announced they will offer VoIP softswitch development services with custom features. The company offers class 4, class 5 and hybrid VoIP softswitch development and deployment services.

Ahmedabad, India, January 22, 2016 --( Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading VoIP development companies from India. The company has been in this industry for more than 7 years. It is operating from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, India. The company has been catering its global clients with their patron centric services and next generation solutions. As per the recent announcement made by the spokesperson of the company, the company will offer custom VoIP softswitch solution development services. They will develop the softswitch based on the specific requirements of the client. It can be either a class 4 or class 5 softswitch. Also, they offer the hybrid VoIP softswitch, which can have the blended features of both class 4 and 5 softswitch.

The VoIP softswitch can be used for the call routing and switching to the intended call recipients. It uses the internet protocol for this task. The class 4 softswitch can be used to handle the large call volume and to route them over long distance, which can be within different countries. Generally, the class 4 softswitch is connected with either cloud, class 5 softswitch or other class 4 switch. In contrary, class 5 softswitch is used to handle the local call volume. The class 5 softswitch handles the call traffic within a city, town, state or country. The residential customers or small offices or local companies can be the users of the class 5 softswitch. In a general scenario, class 5 softswitch is connected with cloud or class 4 softswitch and serve the local clients. The hybrid VoIP switch has the portmanteau features of class 5 and class 4 softswitch. This type of softswitch can work as a one stop solution to offer the VoIP services. The VoIP softswitch can also have the integrated billing module, which further make it a perfect solution for the ITSPs(Internet Telephony Service Providers).

The VoIP softswitch can send and receive the call volume from the VoIP network as well as PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network). Thus, it can be used to offer the VoIP services to any type of consumer.

As per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies, “The VoIP softswitch can route the voice, data, multimedia and video data over a single line. It can be used to offer the VoIP services by the VoIP service providers. We understand the different service providers need different features in their softswitch. Thus, we offer custom development services based on their specific requirements. We used to assist clients from the stage of outlining the requirements, freezing the features, developing the custom softswitch, deploying it on the system of the client, test it for its perfect functioning and post sales support. This is to ensure the best-in-class services.”

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