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Aquabar Adds Unique Mintwater to It’s Portfolio of Premium Water Brands

Aquabar selects MetroMint as the latest addition to it’s portfolio. The new exhilarating and breath freshening mintwater is making a splash with consumers.

Los Angeles, CA, February 10, 2006 --( Aquabar announced today that it will be adding MetroMint mintwater to it’s portfolio of premium waters. The pure and simple, no sweetener, no calorie, water has made a tremendous splash onto the soft drink scene. Introduced to the world at the New York Fancy Food Show in 2004, MetroMint has had a tough time staying on the shelves of fine retail outlets, winning one of BevNet’s “Best of 2004” new product awards and garnering press accolades nationwide.

What is Metromint®?

Metromint is mintwater, pure and simple. No sweeteners. No calories. No carbs. No preservatives. Nothing but all-natural ingredients: pure, crystal-clear water and pesticide-free mint grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley. Metromint’s unique combination delivers an exhilarating taste that is rapidly finding an audience among thirsty kids, urban trendsetters, cubicle dwellers, and soccer moms looking for quick refreshment.

Benefits of Drinking Metromint

Metromint provides great taste, rapid refreshment, and a natural way to enliven the senses and calm the body. Mint stimulates the brain and energizes the senses, while sending cooling sensations throughout the body. The natural menthol in Metromint freshens the breath and can reduce inflammation in the nasal passages and clear congestion related to colds and allergies.
Enjoyed before a meal, mint increases the flow of digestive juices. After dinner, it soothes the lining of the digestive tract. Pregnant women with upset stomachs and morning sickness are discovering the soothing all-natural benefits of Metromint. For centuries, mint has been used as a curative: the Romans relied on it for headache relief; Native Americans believed it strengthened the spirit and mind; and the Japanese brew it in tea to increase concentration and productivity.

Leading the Mintwater Category

Today, bottled water consumption in the U.S. is greater than milk, coffee and beer. Bottled water is the fastest-growing major segment of the U.S. beverage industry, with growth even stronger in the flavored-water category. Metromint is the leader of a whole new beverage category combining functional and flavored water. Metromint is the original mintwater™. Unlike other enhanced waters on the market, which may contain artificial sweeteners and salt, Metromint is the only all-natural mintwater, and its exhilarating taste is already attracting a loyal following.

About Aquabar

Aquabar is the ultimate hydration source for savvy consumers seeking the world's finest waters, natural fruit drinks, and premium liquids in still, sparkling, and naturally carbonated forms. The company specializes in reselling, distributing, and marketing premium beverage brands, plus builds custom Hydration Stations® for special events. Each brand is meticulously selected, based on its purity, health benefit, taste, value and aesthetic. Aquabar products are all natural and delivered to your home or office by the case, for the full benefit and experience of each brand.

As a hydration source for beverage junkies in search of variety with style, Aquabar offers a comprehensive list of services. It is the first hydration boutique dedicated to quenching your thirst naturally and healthfully. The Aquabar team is firm believers in energizing and replenishing the body daily with the finest natural liquids made from minerals, herbs, and fruits. Aquabar researches the best and the coolest brands on the planet for your satisfaction, taking the guess work out of the selection process. Their band of beverage aficionados can also assist you with making the right natural beverage choice for your business or retail outlet. Make no mistake, Aquabar is were the public gets hip to fine sips! The company focuses on servicing fine establishments, hotels, restaurants, spas, corporate clients, and VIP’s.

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