"Joe Bevilacqua Christmas Specials" a Hit on Public Radio Nationwide and XM Satellite Radio

Waterlogg Productions Radio Programs Air through December 25

Napanoch, NY, December 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The Waterlogg Productions winning streak continues with six different holiday radio specials airing public radio nationwide and XM Satellite Radio through December 25. from four-minute essays: "The Christmas I Saved Macy's," a true story that happened to veteran radio producer Joe Bevilacqua when he was three years old in 1964, told in his own words, and “A Rockabilly Christmas," the story of early rock music pioneer Ray Campi, to a half-hour radio play, "Sherlock Holmes Creepy Christmas in Scotland," written, produced and directed by Bevilacqua, who also performs in it, and a one-hour compilation of his best holidays stories: “The Joe Bev Holiday Treat,” featuring his childhood creations, "Willoughby and the Professor," and a rare recording of Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, as “Sleepy Santa.”

“These stories are for the entire family,” beams Bevilacqua. “I created them so that radio listeners could have a respite, this holiday season, from all the depressing news and trite record spinning.”

The reviews are in.

"The Joe Bev Holiday Treat" (59:22)
***** Amusing, Engaging, Unusual
Magazine-style format that works well for commercial radio with an interesting mix of short shows and "familiar" characters blended together by the host. Good examples of strong dialog to create visuals by the listener. The Sherlock Holmes piece is very entertaining with good acting, tight sound effects and writing...not your typical Sherlock Holmes story! From a broadcaster's perspective, the show immediately engages the listener by jumping right into the story--no long drawn-out intros. The outro/intro between segments is equally short. I heard no objectionable language. There was a light reference to track marks, in the true Holmes story style. This would play well to a broad audience of all ages.
(Producer) Janine Marr
Gilsum, NH
December 20, 2007

"The Christmas I Saved Macy's" (04:18)
***** Amusing, Humorous, Sweet
Joe: I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I was taken back to the memories of shopping in the big department stores of my childhood and the smoke filled lounges where weary Moms took refuge from the crowds.The pacing is just right, the FX subtle and the music in tune with the story. I loved the hint of things to come when you described "your Buster Browns lifting off the sidewalk". Thank you for the refuge from work and returning me to memories that need coddling lest we forget life's opportunities to be a hero! Stations, this is nice piece of writing and enjoyment for your listeners.
Peggy Berryhill
Producer) (Public Radio Exchange Editorial Board)
Native Public Media
Gualala, CA
December 6, 2007

*** Amusing, Humorous, Light-hearted
An unusual little piece that celebrates the memories of childhood in the context of the holiday season. Joe's writing his clever. His delivery is earnest and poignant. I enjoyed the sound effects and music as a nice way of dramatizing the story. This could be used in a locally-produced magazine show, focusing on the topic of children and the holidays.
(Producer) (Editorial Board) John Hingsbergen , WMUB
Oxford, OH
December 4, 2007

***** Humorous, Offbeat, Upbeat
This is a wonderful seasonal essay that features a nice bit of storytelling. It's a strange childhood memory brought to life with a lot of heart and humor. Love the use of music. I'm very glad I found this.
(Producer) Jason Croft , WILL
Urbana, IL
November 29, 2007

You can listen to “The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, Christmas Special” and more Joe Bev holiday radio shows online at: The Public Radio Exchange: http://www.prx.org/series/22441. You can sign up for a free listener membership there. You can also listen to over 30 hours of free radio theater, including all ten "Misadventures of Holmes" at: http://www.joebev.com/jb-audio-library.htm.

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