Latest Fashions and Trends in Interior Door Handles

SWD have rounded up their latest review of the latest fashions and trends in interior door handles.

London, United Kingdom, January 23, 2016 --( With some extraordinary new designs and products on the market, SWD (Solid Wooden Doors) have recently rounded up the latest fashions and trends with a feature in the latest edition of RefurbRenovation News. The magazine is a hub for the latest refitting and overhaul work in both the property and commercial sector and SWD have chosen to reveal their latest hot products on door handles in the publication.

Tony Cope of SWD said, “For me, choosing a door handle is the crowning moment of the door fitting process. Why shouldn't it be as its normally the last thing our fitters do before they finish fitting one of our many projects. Its also important as the handle lets us interact with our doors, helping us to open, close and in some cases lock our doors. Fitting handles is just the beginning of a long relationship we are about to have with our doors, so it is vitally important that we choose the right one with not only regards to its looks but also how it feels in our hand.” The rest of the article can be found in the latest edition of RefurbRenovation news or for further information of the round up contact SWD on 01932 851081 or visit
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