LifeUp Health Coaching Introduces Its Exclusive "New Year New You" Program

LifeUp Health Coaching is an health coaching program offered by one of the best integrative health coach in LA, Derek Opperman. The program helps people set clear and solid plans that are designed to deal with modern lifestyle hazards like sleep deprivation, lack of a balanced diet, stress and weight issues.

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2016 --( LifeUp Coaching has announced its exclusive new online fitness program ‘New Year New You’ for people looking to lose 20 pounds or more. True to its name, the program is designed to kick start a completely personalized journey to adopting lifelong dedication to health and fitness. To be able to extract maximum benefits, Derek Opperman, the creator of this program, has limited the intake to just 10 people.

Every New Year witnesses people renewing their commitment to eating healthy and living an active and wholesome lifestyle. However, as it goes with resolutions, it’s easy to lose steam. Derek’s integrative health coaching attacks the very core of this problem by delivering a solution personalized to the needs and lifestyle of each person.

Anyone looking to get a fit and healthy lifestyle can avail a free consultation before they take the dive. LifeUp’s targeted program focuses on the most important components of achieving every level of one’s fitness goal. It does this by using a variety of powerful tools that are laser focused on producing results. This includes:

Custom built nutrition plan

Detailed grocery list

Personalized work out

An interactive app to track progress

A 90 Day Challenge with fitness prizes to be won at the end

A money back guarantee of the same number of days

Members learned to pick up exactly the things that work for them and help achieve fitness faster. The limited number of seats allows Derek to deliver one-on-one guidance and a magnified ability to achieve results. Matt, who successfully completed LifeUp’s 90 days program last year says, “Derek is laser focused. I’ve never had a trainer who was so organized in keeping track of my fitness programs. We came up with a food plan that accommodated busy travel schedule and still got results”

The best part of the program is possibly the fact that it does not need clients to change their lifestyle. On the contrary it takes an organic and sensible approach to slowly reinventing current eating habits and reforming it into something highly tailored to a client’s lifestyle and schedule. Derek is setting a practical standard for achieving fitness goals in the New Year. The program is open for a limited number of people for a limited time. To take the free consultation and book a place go to

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